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The New Cold War: u.s. scales up imperialist war on China

BHT Staff

We at The Black Hammer Times are back at it with updates on the new Cold War. In the last week of July, the u.s. has been scaling up its imperialist war on Colonized nations once again, and we are here to keep up.

July 22, the united snakes shuts down a Chinese outpost in Houston for no other reason than to agitate its largest economic and political rival. In response, China also orders closure of a u.s. Consulate in Chengdu, China. This might not seem too serious, but if a war were to start, working class Colonized people will be the ones to get thrown under the bus.

July 24, Apple switches iPhone production from China to India. Regardless of whether the production is in China or in India, Apple is known to overwork Colonized people, pay slave wages, and have harmful working conditions for their workers. 

However, China is a communist nation and India is a federal republic. The u.s. severing its relationship with China is part of its anti-communist propaganda that’s been ongoing since WWII. Moreover, India’s relationship with the u.s. has significantly improved in recent years as India slides further under the u.s.’s boot. This business move is no coincidence.

The current ruling party in India is the neocolonial, Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that the u.s. supports. Apple’s switch to production in India solidifies their ties.

December 11, 2019, BJP passed two bills that criminalize the working class in India by stripping them of their citizenship if they don’t own property, and make it impossible for the Muslim working class Indian to regain citizenship. This was all backed by the u.s. government.

Don’t fall for the fake news

For its imperialist objectives, the united snakes has been known to create fake news and propaganda in order to wage its economic and ideological warfare on the Global South, particularly countries with left-leaning leadership. One of the more recent imperialist propaganda by the u.s. was the fake news about the Chinese government detaining millions of Uyghur Muslims in order to place u.s. sanctions on China.

The World Uyghur Congress is funded by the regime-change arm of the CIA, the National Endowment of Democracy, and has helped introduce the fakes news of Chinese re-education camps.

u.s. imperialism attempts to protect capitalism within its own borders, and legitimize the violence and repression that sustain it. It attempts to legitimize the stolen land, labour and resources the u.s. is built on and continues to steal from the Global South in order to maintain that colonial relationship.

And so, this Cold War that the u.s. is waging against China is a threat to people all over the world. These recent stream of anti-China, anti-communist propaganda led by the u.s. comes at a crucial time to deter the masses’ attention from how well China and Cuba have been combating the pandemic and protecting their masses from death.

Anticolonial socialist countries have done more to combat COVID-19 than any other bloc of countries, and these are the same countries under fire from the largest engine of Colonial plunder history has every seen.

Black Hammer stands with all poor and working class colonized people, and the anti imperialist states that protect them, which is why we’re determined to #buildhammercity. Hammer City will have no rent, no coronavirus, and no white people. Only by breaking away from the colonial death cult and placing the land under the leadership of Indigenous liberators can we build a dictatorship over our lands, lives, and resources!


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