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3 million children: the cost of re-opening the schools

By Black Hammer

As the Colonial system continues to crumble before our eyes amidst the pandemic, many colonized parents and educators in the united snakes find themselves in a perilous situation. 

With the CARES act expiring, many colonized families are facing eviction, having to go back into unsafe working conditions. Worst of all, this means having to send their kids back to school to catch and spread coronavirus. 

Teachers find themselves in the same lose-lose situation where they are forced to go back to school, risking their own health, and the health of their children. Even superintendents opposed to reopening face large budget cuts if they refuse to open. 

Reopening schools is nothing but another way to genocide colonized communities and kill not only our kids, but our entire families. Including 9-year-old Kimora Lynum who was sent home from the hospital with a 103-degree fever without even being given a test. She died a few days later and tested positive for the virus posthumously. She had no underlying conditions. 

Of the five children to have died so far in the state of Florida, Kimora was the youngest.

Nine-year-old Kimora Lynum.

Over 50 million students are being sent to what may very well may be their deaths. Colonized children make up over half of these students.

Some media sources claim that kids can’t contract the virus, or that kids can carry the virus but not fall victim to the symptoms. All of these claims have been debunked.

Despite this, the CDC is purposefully spreading misinformation about how the colonial virus affects children. On July 17th, the same day that Kimora died, the CDC reported that children “account for under 7 percent of COVID-19 cases and less than 0.1 percent of COVID-19-related deaths.” Even a death rate as low at .05 percent amounts to over 3 million children who will get sick, and nearly 2,000 children who will die from COVID-19.

Eight-year-old Aurea Yolotzin Soto Morales, the first child to die in North Carolina.

If for some reason people are still willing to listen to the CDC, at least 2,000 children will suffer torturous deaths, and 3 million will have permanent physical and neurological damage from the virus. 

The number of child hospitalizations is already on the rise.

The atrocity does not stop there

Many colonized children live with their grandparents, or in multigenerational households. Reopening schools puts these families at an increased risk every single day. Especially in colonized communities that are disproportionately affected by respiratory conditions and other underlying conditions. The colonial government has inflicted the virus onto the colonized communities the same way they have inflicted conditions such as HIV, asthma and diabetes. 

The amerikkkan capitalist system will stop at nothing to keep the machine running. The high cost has always been the lives of countless colonized people, which the machine sees as fuel.

Daequan Wimberly, who died at 11 years old of COVID-19, and his adoptive father, Jerry Wimberly, 74.

Several districts have made their own plans to slow the spread. Some include splitting up class sizes, having kids go at different times or days and cleaning in between. These plans are laughable considering public schools haven’t been giving funding or resources to run properly under the best of time, let alone under a global pandemic, and a financial crash not seen since the Great Depression.

School districts are throwing their students and staff to the fire.

Millions of families are facing homelessness and food insecurity and that means millions of kids with no food or money at home are being pushed into the hotbeds of COVID-19 that public schools are doomed to become.

An education system of our own

Colonialism didn’t build public schools to teach colonized children. Public schools were built to whip our children to become better slaves in the workforce. And the workforce has already told parents how little their lives are worth under this system of profits over people.

The need for land that is free of rent, free of coronavirus, free of police violence, is essential for working class colonized people and our kids. The answer to the land question isn’t found in public schools, it’s found only by organizing our own revolutionary institutions.

In a land without rent, we can build up our own schools, our own education system, without fear of COVID-19.  Black Hammer is building such a land.  

Hammer City is being built for colonized people, by colonized people, including teachers, parents, and students. Guided by our four principles of unity, the education system of Hammer City puts the lives of our children first.

Help us build Hammer City. 


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