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Protests erupt near Paraguay’s ‘Friendship Bridge’

By Comrade Silva,

Protesters clashed with the Paraguayan National Police on Wednesday night, July 29, next to the Paraguayan border with Brazil.

The Paraguayan government announced a more restrictive quarantine, but did not elaborate any plan for the population, forcing thousands of Paraguayans to stay home without any secure plans or financial support.

The total disregard from Paraguay’s government has led to a wave of protests in Ciudad del Este, the second largest city in the country, which borders Brazil and Argentina.

A truck that was burned down near Friendship bridge Wednesday night.

Paraguay also refuses to offer emergency aid for the poorest people most affected by the pandemic.

Thousands of Paraguayans who lived in Brazil and lost their jobs were prevented from returning to their home country by the Paraguayan army. They were also refused re-entry into Brazil, sleeping for days on Friendship Bridge that is on the Paraná River between the two countries.

Marines stand guard at the bridge. Security was ramped up Thursday after the protests.

Many were finally given permission to enter Paraguayan soil after 11 days sleeping on the bridge amid the region’s rains and winter.

However, they had to fulfill a mandatory two-week quarantine in an improvised shelter by the Paraguayan army where many did not have adequate food and accommodation. Many people who were healthy were then contaminated with the novel coronavirus.

At the present time, new protests are being organized by the population of Paraguay.

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