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NFAC is f*cking around with the pigs

By Comrade Ali and Chief Turey

In the Southern region of the u.s., following the series of colonial killings, the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC), has made a name for themselves. This all-Black militia has shown up at several protests, and it has won the attention of the media.

On July 25th, The NFAC occupied Louisville, Kentucky to pressure the Attorney General to take legal action against the pigs who murdered Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman.

The head of the NFAC, Grandmaster Jay, is a hip hop artist, social activist, veteran, and 2016 presidential candidate. 

This guy.

The media has gone as far as to compare the NFAC to the Black Panthers Party for showing up armed in public, and at the surface level, all this seems legit. They wear all black, openly carry arms, show up in large numbers, and march in formation.

However, one critical thing is missing: a disciplined political education, the understanding that colonialism, the land question, is the root of all problems that Black and Colonized people face.

Grandmaster Jay flat out says he doesn’t even support going after the pig murderers of Breonna Taylor: “That’s why you don’t hear me saying ‘lets go arrest the police right now’, because I know some stuff.”

The NFAC may be able to successfully put on a show, but when you look past the spectacle of a Black militia shutting down the streets of Louisville, you’ll find nothing but neocolonial white power in Black face.

How does the NFAC funtion?

The NFAC does not move without the police. At their two largest events, in Louisville, and at Stone Mountain on the 4th of July, the NFAC was working side by side with the pigs.

NFAC occupation of Stone Mountain Park

At the Louisville occupation, one of the NFAC members accidentally fired their weapon during a safety check, injuring three others. When explaining what happened, and why the pigs did not use force to stop the march, Jay explains in his own words:

‘The police department agreed we’d have EMS resources on staff. They were engaged immediately. We secured our own people. They let us secure our own people. Most people don’t realize what they actually saw was an example of community policing. They waited for me to arrive so I could direct how this was going to go.’

Black and Colonized people don’t need the pigs to “let” us do anything though. We need dictatorship ­– absolute control – over our lives, land, and resources. He went on to say,

‘Another thing we’re doing is opening up dialogs. We’re not joining you, we’re partnering with you. The same way the u.s. partners with countries that it really doesn’t like. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

The united snakes, the biggest threat to human life in history, the nation that inspired Hitler, does not befriend colonized people. It brutalizes us to turn a profit. It is not just our enemy, it is the largest enemy facing colonized people — all other enemies are birthed from that system. The pigs are birthed from that system.

If Jay understand the violent, economic relationship between the u.s. and Black communities, he doesn’t let that stop him from uniting with the pigs. Still, in his own words,

‘I had an agreement with [LMPD pig] Major Gregory that if anything happened, him and I would split the authority, technically giving me authority over the police department, temporarily, on his behalf. We’re not just talking. He gave me authority. That’s an example of us working together.’

As Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote from prison, “freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Like the statues of Confederate generals that the NFAC threatened to take down back on the 4th of July, their presence is entirely symbolic. They’re selling out on the true revolutionary struggle, which must be focused on overthrowing colonialism, not collaberating with it.

A One State Solution

It’s important to acknowledge that Grandmaster Jay does actually give an answer to the land question. His answer is a two-state solution. His goal is for Black people to “take Texas”.

What Jay does not have an answer for is why Indigenous Mexicans are excluded from reclaiming Texas, which was originally stolen from them. He doesn’t include any other Indigenous nations in his goal to take back Turtle Island.

Hell, he can’t even answer Grandmaster Flash.

Yet, while the NFAC is willing to exclude Indigenous nations from the land question, they are more than willing to work alongside the same colonizers they want so badly to seperate from.

When talking to a reporter, Jay reveals his own sellout mindset, “We know what’s good for us is good for you! What’s good for black people is good for white people.”

Only sellout, weak, liberal tactics will be jointly good for black people and white people at the same time. 

You calling me a sellout?

Behind the words, and the symbolism, is a material fact: NFAC exists to defend the current power structures that allowed the lynching of Breonna Taylor. Grandmaster Jay may be fine with settling for second place, but Black Hammer is about real leadership.

What real leadership looks like

At the end of the day, individuals can lie, but the work does not lie. The best way to evaluate revolutionary leadership is by studying the work, and deciding scientifically if it follows strict principles.

What are Grandmaster Jay’s principles? Who is he accountable to? These are not just important measures of his leadership, they are the only objective measures. As Thomas Sankara said, 

‘Without patriotic political education, a soldier is only a potential criminal.’

Black Hammer’s entire membership, from the top down, follows four principles of unity.

Anyone who does not follow all four of those principles is not allowed in the organization. That disciple keeps us accountable to the work, and to the masses who we serve.

Our third principle of unity states:

“We believe all the problems the colonized face are from colonialism and the submissive neocolonialists that are within our colonized nations.”

Meaning it doesn’t matter how many guns Jay has, working with the pigs is a an act of betrayal to the masses he pretends to serve.

Grandmaster Jay isn’t leading the colonized masses towards liberation. Like the Colonizers who stole this continent, occupying a stolen land only makes you another criminal.

The masses of Colonized people only care about a handful of questions. Where will our food come from? Who will educate our children? What do I do when I get sick? Black Hammer has a concrete answer for all these questions because we follow strict principles.

Our four principles of unity guided the leadership of Black Hammer to set up food drives in the united snakes, and in Nigeria. They showed us how to lead the masses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, where we passed out more than 50,000 pieces of life saving PPE.

Those principles alone have led to the construction of Hammer City, which does not allow pigs or white people. Period.

Our four principles of unity are the foundation of leadership. Only the exclusive leadership of poor and working class Colonized people can ensure revolution to take back control over our land, lives and resources.

Land Back!

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  1. If you know political science you understand what is a declaration of war and what is properly representing an opposing group regarding police always being around the goal is to have an opposition not do what would be acts that will jeopordize black people as a whole in negative ways due to one group. I dont disagree with the mission of the bro as I know without that inspiration many wouldn’t even consider arming themselves. There is no 1 answer to the problem build in you appropriate niche. Abibifahodie


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