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10 reasons why Gazi Kodzo is the leader of the anti-white revolution

Who is willing to lead us? Who will win the emancipation of our people?

As the year 2020 ramps up, the question can no longer be ignored. The answer is the difference between our defeat or our freedom.

People of color (Colonized people) are fed up with hamster-wheel protests on the one hand, and empty demands from the system on the other. They need a leader.

Here are ten reasons Commander-in-chief Gazi Kodzo will be leading the revolution against white power:

1. He speaks truth to power!

Gazi will check any fool who even thinks about selling out, or who slanders Colonized working class people.

Just ask Jesse Peterson, a sellout African radio show host, whom Gazi thrashed so hard on his own show that he got kicked off before the camera even started rolling.

2. Gazi is staunchly anti-white power

When he said “fuck Anne Frank I only got tears for my people, who are experiencing a genocide right now,” he stood by his words. Gazi never backed down or apologized, no matter how many essays white leftists managed to post on Facebook.

How black people see Gazi

How colonizers see Gazi








Chief Gazi is coming for all forms of white power: if a colonizer happens to be Jewish and Anglo-Saxon, then he’s coming for them too. All the white people need to get off our land, and Gazi tells it straight to their face.

A real leader sets an example with words and actions, and Gazi ain’t afraid to lay down the facts, no matter who they’re about or who’s listening! He stands up for poor and working class people, no matter how much white power hates him for it!

White power hates Gazi so much the group know as “the proud boys” was actually formed in the comment section of his YouTube page. He’s so anti white power that even the white nationalists figured they needed to get organized, rather than face such a fierce champion unprepared.

3. A world-class revolutionary organizer.

Gazi built Black Hammer in a broken down trailer, two hours away from the closest dollar store, without two pennies in his pocket. Using the science of organization, Gazi was able to turn nothing into everything.

Within a year, he had built a disciplined and principled revolutionary organization, dedicated to four principles of unity that has brought colonized people together to fight white power all over the world!

4. They’re saving Colonized people around the world!

From those principles, Black Hammer launched  food, clothing and hygiene drives within their communities and in just a year, these programs spread internationally to Nigeria, Boriken (Puerto Rico) and beyond.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their organization was the first to spread the word about the seriousness of the virus. Since then Black Hammer has passed out 50,000 pieces of free PPE (Personal Protective equipment) to Colonized people all over the world.

The organization has fought and won campaigns for colonized children like the Lil-C Note campaign, and campaigns for victims of pig brutality like the #BrandonSuvived campaign. Sir Brandon even joined the organization after being released from custody because he wanted to do for others what the organization had done for him.

On top of those accomplishments, in only a year  the organization has produced a manual, a gun club, weekly self-defense classes—Black Hammer is literally building an entire city with no  police, corona virus, rent or white people—and doing it without a dime from the state.

The receipts don’t lie. Black Hammer is fighting to protect colonized people from coronavirus, poverty, the state, and stays winning. No other organization is doing it like the one Gazi built.

5. A tough-loving revolutionary mama

Gazi might be a tough mama, but they’re also a revolutionary mama—they got the people’s pum-pum!

And a revolutionary mama doesn’t just make revolutionaries, they take care of them so that they can live long enough to see freedom.

On top of everything else, Gazi makes time for each comrade personally, to know each of us and what our needs are. Their compassion is larger than a subjective, personal relationship. It’s large enough to unite with all poor and working class Colonized people.

His compassion stretches its arms backwards and forwards, for the comrades who have laid down their life for the movement, and for the comrades who haven’t yet found their home in the revolution. Every time one of us falls, he doesn’t just make sure we get up, he creates a program in place so that we don’t fall down again.

What other organization has a physical trainer, a self-defense instructor, and an on-call therapist to keep it’s membership healthy, physically and mentally? An organization birthed by the people’s pum-pum!

6. They’re a queer, gender non-conforming revolutionary leader

Chief Gazi is a gender and sexuality non-conforming leader and that brings unity with all sectors of our community.

Even the straight cis men in the organization value and uphold the leadership of women and GSN Colonized freedom fighters thanks to their principled leadership.

By upholding the organizations second principle of unity, they have successfully brought together colonized people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life.

They have united straight, gay, non-binary, spiritual and non spiritual colonized revolutionaries to uphold the anti colonial banner to crush white power.

Gazi is leading the way to the revolution and destroying Western ideas of queerness and sexuality in our communities.

7. He gives everything to the people

A revolutionary who sees the people as clearly as Chief Gazi does, who can unite them under four principles of unity, is worthy of leading the masses.

Gazi is a revolutionary leader who puts his money where his mouth is.  Meaning he aligns  his interest with poor and working class colonized masses. He started this process by committing class suicide, when he gave up a 6 figure model management business in order to join the struggle for revolution.

As Malcolm X once said,

“You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language.”

Gazi Kodzo speaks the language of the oppressed colonized masses, and preaches revolution to them every opportunity he has.

As far as we can see, ain’t no white person going to build a mass organization among African and Colonized people, in the u.s. or internationally. They do not speak like us, look like us or behave like us.

This is because he understands where we come from, our suffering, and the symptoms of colonialism. He is a leader who understands how we must be won to self-determination on our own terms. Gazi leads us to understand based on our own experiences.

They’ve given up everything for the revolution and wouldn’t think twice about giving their life up for our liberation.

And let’s not forget that Gazi is part of the masses! He’ll be ready to throw it down in the club with you one night and attend his meetings the next morning.

8. The only revolutionary leader to answer the international question

Only a revolutionary leader who is truly able to understand the international will be able to unite the masses against white power. Gazi is a leader who stands in solidarity with other colonized people fighting the oppressor in action and in words.

He understands the international question, being a child of two Trinidadian parents and raised in amerikkka. He knows that the struggles of his family here and in Trinidad are all from colonialism.

Chief Gazi fights for the Palestinian child being bombed in Gaza the same way he fights for the African child whose legs are crushed in the coltan mines.

Black Hammer and its leader know that to end our oppression both in the united snakes, and in other countries, we must take down white power!

9. We need someone who can entertain the masses!

Gazi is notorious for his entertaining and provocative speeches. Someone who can speak truth to power better make sure they can be heard! Who wants to listen to drawn-out, boring speeches?

Black Hammer’s membership can testify to being politically inspired and strengthened by the Tuesday rallies we attend. We show up every Sunday for his series on Da Revolutionary Book Trap, and we’re there the very next night for the Oh My Gazi show.

His speeches aren’t self-help books, or history lessons, and they aren’t academic articles in science journals. They are cutthroat anthems of their pain. And when you hear it, you realize it’s the same pain inflicted on you.

If anyone knows how to grab the people’s attention it’s Chief Gazi.

10. A Militant Soldier

Don’t be fooled by the livestream antiques, or the Youtube drama! Chief Gazi’s years of organizational science have hardened him into a militant commander-in-chief.

Every part of his life falls in strict line with the revolution. He wakes up strictly at 7 a.m. and makes every night a late night to keep his organization steeled, and moving in a unified direction.

Those militant principles produced a militant leader, who produced a revolutionary organization. The strength of Black Hammer has always been it’s discipline: when the leadership says go left, the entire organization goes left.

It’s that standard of discipline that creates more leadership. Gazi doesn’t just lead a meeting, he sharpens the members. When he leads a campaign he puts every comrade in their place and makes sure they jump when he says jump.

He’s the first to submit a self-criticism, and first to criticize his comrades, because he puts the organization before everything.

He attacks every action item like it was a bullet in white power’s chest and not just his own, but of the Chiefs under his leadership.

We need someone who’s not gonna run and suck on their momma’s tit or get another job and who’s about the revolution 100%!

Our greatest weapon isn’t our desire for equality or the theories we develop to end our oppression, it is the connections we forge when we organize against our common enemy.

We are moved by a great leader, with an army  of Colonized soldiers behind them. A general who took the clothes off his back in exchange for a uniform. A revolutionary whose intellect dares to be challenged by any puppet of white power, whose honesty proves stronger than any sellout.

With Chief Gazi in command, Black Hammer will lead our revolution to victory!

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  1. Let me educate you people! I am a Black woman, former teacher. Do you know history? I dare you to look this up, research it for yourself, because this is NOT being taught in our schools, but this is the truth! It was the Democrats in the South that were the slave owners, started KKK and Jim Crow, and did not want us to have our Civil Rights. Then when Lyndon B. Johnson and the other Democrats realized that they would never get another vote, they hired a good PR firm, flipped the script and blamed slavery on Republicans, offered Black people a few entitlements like welfare, and said they were our protectors and providers. Black people who were predominantly Republicans at that time, changed their party affiliation to Democrat in mass! We actually were tricked, DUPED INTO JOINING THE POLITICAL PARTY OF THE SLAVE OWNERS! Research it for yourself!!! Did you know that Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Senator Robert Byrd, an admitted KKK member, and Joe Biden did the eulogy at Sen. Byrd’s funeral! Look it up for yourself! Did you know that Bill and Melinda Gates experimented on children in India and Africa with their experimental vaccines, and paralyzed tens of thousands of children, PARALYZED THEM! It was so bad that the Indian Parliment banned them from India. They also STERILIZED thousands of young girls, telling them they were giving them vitamins! Bill Gates gleefully bragged that they “literally shot these young children in the arms with Genetically Modified Organisms”! He bragged about it! Then Melinda Gates said, we need to be sure that the Black community gets this vaccine first! These people are modern day full blown Nazis! They are using us Black people, triggering us, race-baiting us and getting us angry, hoping that we’ll get into a race war! They wanted BLM to tear down all the Confederate statues, because they don’t want you to know the real history! They are now able to change history to whatever they want it to be! RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELF! If we let them destroy history then future generations will not know that the Democrats were the Party of the slave owners, and they duped us into joining the party of the slave owners!!! They claim that Right-Wingers and Trump-Supporters are the White Nationalists and racists, but it’s people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, Fauci, the Media propagandists paid by the Democrat National Party, Big Tech and Big Pharma. They are Nazis and they have Black people mentally enslaved even today! Research it for yourself! They want us Black people to get the Nazi Death Shot first, but actually they want to kill off as many people as possible, especially people on the Right because we fight against their greedy corruption. They want to reduce the population in general, because they believe fewer people would be easier to control. And, by the way. These modern day Nazis pay people in the Media like Joy Reid and Don Lemon, millions of dollars to race-bait and trigger Black people, I hate to tell you this, but even Barack Hussein Obama. They are what we call the Nazis House Negroes or Plantation Foreman. I double dog dare you to research this for yourself and seek out the truth! If you refuse to research and want to continue believing lies and being indoctrinated with lies, then STAY STUPID!

    • you spittin fire right now shelley, left or right, demokkkrats and republikkkans represent two wings of the same white power beast


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