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These two Cuban drugs are stopping Coronavirus deaths

By Comrade Llabbe

The world is still seeing a rise in total coronavirus cases, and nowhere is worse than in the united snakes. While the world’s chieftain of Colonialism crumbles, Cuba has been leading the way in combating COVID-19 and getting results

In addition to successfully combating the pandemic, Cuba has been sending doctors overseas to help other nations beat back Coronavirus. With less than 20 registered cases a day, the Carribbean nation has also seen a decline in the spread of the disease and a lower death rate than most “first world” nations.

Credit for the shrinking death rate belongs to two drugs being used to treat hyper-inflammation, a symptom which increases chances of mortality in COVID-19 patients. 

One of the drugs is Itolizumab, which is produced in Cuba. The other is a peptide discovered by a Cuban biotech industry and previously tested for rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

These have shown to be effective in reducing what scientists call a “cytokene storm”, an hyperactive immune system which forces the body to attack healthy tissue.

Cuba also requires preventative Healthcare through diet, natural medicine, wellness and a focus on collective health because of sanctions enforced by the u.s.

The result? Cubans have the healthiest population in the colonized world, and a life-expectancy equal to that in amerikkka. It’s important to remember that these successes have been achieved despite more than 60 years of living under a backbreaking u.s. embargo.

The u.s. on the other hand has been ramping up it’s attack on African and Colonized people, this time by forcing schools to re-open and threatening the lives of millions of children.

Chief Ina, Chief of the International Campaigns Committee for Black Hammer, modeled our Disaster Relief program with the same principles used in Cuba. Black Hammer has distributed over fifty thousand pieces of PPE (personal protection equipment) to fight coronavirus in amerikkka, Nigeria, and around the world.

A city with no Coronavirus

We believe that all of the problems facing African and Colonized people worldwide and locally in our communities are waged by the greed of the colonialist and capitalist systems that we are forced to live in. 

In order to rise against these oppressions, we are building Hammer City, an entire city free of covid-19, rent, and police violence. Hammer City will enforce the dictatorship of poor and working class colonized people, meaning that we also have control over our health and education.

The lesson from Cuba is clear: the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic is only a symptom of Colonialism. While the united snakes eats itself from the strain of the pandemic, African and Colonized people can thrive when they take control over their own land, lives, and resources.

Land Back!

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CashApp: $BuildHammerCity

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