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100 Days from election, Dementia Joe still supports white nationalism

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

Barely 100 days from the election, poor and working class colonized people have an important decision to make. Do we continue beating our heads against the same ballot box, or do we pull ourselves out of this wretched system?

Contrary to what sellout Angela Davis might say, voting for Joe Biden is not a way out of this dilemma. In fact, Joe Biden isn’t even a compromise with this dilemma.

A vote for Joe Biden equals just as many deaths as a vote for Donald Trump.

There aren’t 45 amerikkkas. Just one.

Before we get swept any further into the frenzy surrounding the election, we should take a deep breath and study the actual difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party. 

Ask yourself, has amerikkka, the chieftain of white power across the globe, been less committed to pillaging and raping colonized nations under a Democratic president than a Republican? Or has there only ever been one amerikkka, the largest and vilest regime of misery and death that history has ever known?

Biden might be the first president to say “Black lives matter”, but did Black lives matter back when he wrote the 1994 crime bill that ballooned the prison industrial complex? Did they matter when he helped escalate the war on drugs? It seems that the lives of African and colonized people only matter to Joe Biden when they can be used as pawns in his competition for power.

Malcolm X put it best when he said

“The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox. One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”

With Biden, the difference isn’t even that clear. Biden has a long track record of befriending segregationists like George Wallace in the 50 years he’s been in politics.

Newspaper clipping describing jOe Biden's admiration of George Wallacee
Exhibit A. (Detroit Free Press)

Biden might not rile up his base like Trump, but their voter base is the same. Hell, even their policies are the same. Their commitment to uphold white nationalism is identical.

Another newspaper talking about his admiration of George Wallace
Exhibit B (Philadelphia Inquirer)

That’s why Barack Obama personally hand-picked Biden in 2008, when he needed the 51% majority vote that belonged to the white whipping class. Even a neocolonial puppet like Obama understood that he needed to court white nationalism to win the presidency.

The Obama years

The year was 2009, and a coup had just erupted in Honduras. The region had not seen violent upheaval like this in decades, and overnight Honduras became the third-poorest nation in the Western hemisphere. Millions of Indigenous people fled from the resulting gang violence and military repression.

The Obama Administration, including Biden, orchestrated this coup, and they later would deport millions of Indigenous migrants fleeing from the warzone.

Approximately 3 million Indigenous people were deported by the Obama Administration. A majority of them came from the “Northern Triangle”, which includes Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. This is important because all of these countries were involved in military coups aided by the u.s. Military, and at least two of these coups were orchestrated by Democrats.

Let’s look at the laundry list of other atrocities committed against Colonized people under Obama’s and Biden’s watch:

October 20, 2011 – the assassination of Muamar Ghadaffi, and the rebirth of open-air slave markets in Libya.

April 25, 2014 – the Flint, Michigan water crisis, where the state government intentionally poisoned the water supply of Flint’s majority Black residents.

August 9, 2014 – the lynching of Michael Brown, a Black child, and the invasion of Ferguson by the u.s. Military, days later.

April 2016 – February 2017 – Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the onslaught against peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock with dogs and water canons.

Fun Fact: it was Lyndon Johnson, another Democrat, who deployed the National Guard at Selma.

3 Ways Biden plans to radically expand the police

Now let’s take a close look at Biden’s policies. What laws does he plan to get passed?

For starters, Biden has outright said he does not support defunding the police. Defunding the police isn’t even a radical or anti-colonial idea, and yet he won’t even consider that idea.

Joe Biden not only refuses to defund the police, he actively plans to expand it. Just like he wrote the laws in the ’90s, he’ll be signing the checks if he is elected in 2020.

Biden wants to dole out 20 Billion dollars to states who can efficiently expand their prisons, parole offices, and private prisons. This is what he thinks will “solve” the problems he birthed with the 1994 Crime Bill! He also plans to pass Congressman Bobby Scott’s SAFE Justice Act, which also will increase police budgets!

The further you dig into his campaign promises, the more you’ll find dozens of ways Biden wants to increase federal spending on the pigs. For example, his plan to increase spending on “Alternative-to-Incarceration” courts. What is an “alternative-to-incarceration” court, you ask? If you look up the legal definition, it’s just regular fucking court!

A knee on your neck, or a shot to the leg

The Democratic and Republican parties are two wings of the same violent beast.

Joe Biden’s vision for amerikkka is to have the pigs shoot us in the leg, instead of put their knee on our necks. Both tactics, as it turns out, were developed by the Israeli Defence Force to brutalize Palestinians.

The occupation of Palestine offers us the best modern example of the myth of a “gentle” white nationalism. For Palestinians, there is no two-state solution; there is only the one illegal occupation of their land by a violent and fake state of israel. When the Nakbah, or Catastophe, drove one-third of all Palestinians off their land at the point of israeli rifles in 1948, no amount of negotiation could erase the ongoing genocide.

The illegal state of israel was officially acknowledged in 1948 by then u.s. president Harry Truman, another Democrat.

A broad coalition of white nationalism

There is one thing that Donald Trump understands better than anyone else, and that is his voter base. The average colonizer in amerikkka is well aware that colonialism provides them daily comfort and security. Trump is nothing but honest with the people who voted for him: white nationalism is the looter of wealth in amerikkka, and colonized people are the loot.

White nationalism is the looter of wealth in amerikkka, and colonized people are the loot.

Obama knew this, and he handpicked Joe Biden as his vice president to win over the white whipping class back in 2008. In the upcoming 2020 elections, 44% of the eligible vote will belong to the white whipping class. And Biden won’t suddenly turn against the material interests of his base.

And neither is that base going to disappear just because a different white nationalist sits in the oval office. Factions of the white whipping class have vowed never to vote for Biden, and have threatened civil war if he’s elected. This is the voter base that Trump understands. This is the voter base that Biden desperately wants.

Pictured: III% Security Force, a white nationalist militia.

Whoever wins them 100 days from now will turn that same smoke against us.

As colonized people, who have had the vote for 150 years, we should knowby now that if voting truly got us free then the white ruling class would not have given us the vote. It’s about time we pulled ourselves out from this system and started building Hammer City, where white people aren’t allowed to bring any of their muck.

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