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Black Hammer New York exposes protests led by sellouts

By Chief Ai

On July 18th, unified as the New York chapter of the Black Hammer Organization (BHO), we went to a protest in New York City and were impressed by what we saw: a group of mostly African and Colonized organizers.

The crowd was mainly white, but we hoped that more African and Colonized people would eventually show up. The organizers looked very militant decked out in black attire, with bandanas, walkie-talkies, and even black megaphones to match. What could go wrong?

We introduced ourselves and asked if we could help in any way, and we got a defensive vibe from them – they would handle everything, for security reasons.

At that point, we noticed none of them were wearing masks so we offered a KN95 mask to the organizer we talked to. But instead of using it, they immediately gave it to a colonizer!

Unprincipled unity with colonizers means death for the true proletariat

Colonialism is not a complicated system to understand: a minority group of people colonizes the vast majority and forcibly takes their land, labor, and resources. 

It is evident that filthy European peasants who couldn’t read or wash their asses immediately saw the benefits of getting on a boat to terrorize, loot, and subjugate the people of other continents.

In this system, where colonizers protect colonizers, anti-colonial revolutionaries need to protect our own communities. Squandering life-saving medical equipment on a colonizer instead of giving them to a Black/Indigenous Colonized person is as good as killing our own people.

Not only do poor and working class Colonized people need control over our land and resources, we need control over our lives! In a time where the harsh distinctions between being a colonizer and the colonized is so evident in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the US, we need to protect our own and not the colonizer!

We explained to the organizer that the KN95 mask was meant for him, and that we need to prioritize serving colonized people, but much to our disappointment, he wouldn’t unite with Black Hammer. He incorrectly believed that the struggles of poor white people are the same as ours.

This is not true. Black Hammer calls them the white whipping class for a reason.

Just like the dirty European peasants met capitalism by the fattening of their wallets, the white working class owes everything they have to the whip. Their job is to whip poor colonized people to do their bidding. That is why the colonized working class is the only true working class.

White people may be content to fight for more scraps in terms of slightly higher wages, or slightly better healthcare, or more “civil” treatment from the pigs. African and Colonized people were the ones who produced the scraps – hell, we produced the whole damn table – but even these are denied to us.

Colonized people are not only fighting for our lives, but against the daily genocide of our people.

The white leftist, the “anti-racist”, the ku klux kommunist, none of them care where the money for their universal healthcare comes from (resources looted from the Global South). 

Unless we win this anti-colonial struggle, all the money that was looted from us and our ancestors will be lost to the colonizer. The “capital”, land, and resources come from our blood, just like everything else under this system.

How a sellout treats his own people

There were African homeless people in the park asking for money from the mainly-white group of protesters. 

We suggested that the organizers ask the protesters to help give the homeless some money or food. They refused and said they didn’t have time for that.

Poor Colonized people recognize the bullshit. One homeless man showed up and began calling them out on their performative activism, mentioning how they don’t care about people like him!

What did the sellout organizers do? They got their security team to usher him away! The organizer acted like white power in Blackface.

“And then I called security!”

We tried to struggle with the organizer again to address this behavior, but he compared homeless people to children who beg for candy from rapists. He said that the protesters, most of whom were white in this crowd, had to be realistic with what they could achieve. 

He was implying that these Africans on the street, on top of being homeless, on top of being hungry, should understand why the protestors that claim to fight for Black lives refused to help them.

Black Hammer treats all colonized people as equal

Not only did Black Hammer New York catch up with that homeless brother, we also gave him and other homeless people some masks, and the money we had. We served the people. Our people. 

We didn’t serve them ideas through a megaphone. We served them material needs, by answering the question of colonialism . This nameless organization gave liberal speeches for over an hour about police reform, voting, and white solidarity before the actual march even began.

Unlike what these organizers preach to a crowd of white faces, it’s not “ideas” about racism that are oppressing our people, it is a material relationship of that oppression—as real as the boots on our necks. 

Colonialism has always been a matter of labor, resources, and land.

Just because some people don’t have jobs or houses, doesn’t mean shit to how Black Hammer treats them. BHO unites with colonized poor and working class Colonized people, therefore we seek to serve them materially. 

The conflict between revolutionaries and sellouts

Flyer for the Sellout Protest

While the organizers were giving liberal speeches, Black Hammer New York continued passing out PPE and spreading the word about Hammer City to Colonized folks around the park.

When the march started, we joined back up with the main crowd. Our intentions were simple: collect reparations from white people and recruit Colonized folks. 

The organizer we spoke to approached us and told me to make sure everyone knew Black Hammer is not affiliated with the protest. They told us not to pass out any flyers, collect any reparations, and not to solicit during the march.

They had eyes on us the entire time we were in the park. After struggling with the organizer about materially serving the Colonized working class, Black Hammer New York united on leaving the liberal protest. 

Revolutionary power demands revolutionaries

This experience served as a reminder: not all skinfolk are kinfolk. The organizers of the protest were organized and united, but were organizing as neocolonial puppets. They were united with white power.

Too often, revolutionary uprisings get co-opted by weak liberals. Join Black Hammer if you want poor and working class Colonized people to have absolute control – dictatorship – over our lives, land, and resources.

Take back the land!

Help Black Hammer #BuildHammerCity today! Donate to

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