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Black-owned businesses don’t matter to poor and working Colonized people

By Chief Sante

Kimi Brown, 22, was celebrating her birthday on the 10th of July with her friend, Angelique. Angelique had booked an appointment at a Black-owned Soak and Polish Nail Salon in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

These young, working-class African women were excited to get their nails done from one of the few Black-owned nail salons in Atlanta. To no one’s surprise they were betrayed by bougie negroes: the sellout class.

So what had happened was

Angelique and Kimi booked an appointment and paid the $22.50 deposit over the phone with the manager, Sarah Fabre, at the salon six hours before their schedule. Fabre had been real quick to take the deposit, but didn’t tell the two women of the salon’s 24-hour cancellation policy on their website.

Wanting to celebrate Kimi’s special day together, Angelique was ecstatic to watch her friend receive her cucumber martini pedicure. Then Angelique was denied entry due to COVID-19 policies put in place.

The two women didn’t want to separate, with just Angelique waiting outside, so they decided to reschedule their appointment. The salon had charged Angelique both the deposit and the cost of the pedicure to her boyfriend’s card without ever receiving their service.

They disputed this, but Fabre  didn’t want to hear what they had to say. “We’ll just take the money off the card,” she said.

“I was raving about this for weeks because it was a Black-owned salon. But being treated like this was really disappointing,” said Angelique.

Fabre, who also owned the store, refused to give a refund based on a 24-hour cancellation policy written on their website. According to her, people should just read the policies on the website before paying for the service.

Looking at the website, though, there was no mention of its adjustment to the policies of COVID-19. 

Reaction shot of Sean Combs

With a closed-lip attitude like that, of course there’s going to be confusion! It’s the responsibility of the service provider to tell the customer of its “fine print” policies.

Black Hammer sides with people like Angelique and Kimi. Poor and working class colonized people are always the targets of businesses like these, who use the “read the fine print” lie to steal more money from their customers.

Sarah claimed the charge was  because she “runs a strict tight schedule.” and has to pay her employees the wage for the hour of work. 

Sarah claims her salon “works well with people” in accommodations, but her actions say read the fine print, bitch. She is keeping her stolen coin and is willing to keep stealing from people like Angelique to meet that bottom line. She serves Capitalism, and exploits her community.

Working class Black people like Angelique have no power. That’s why they call us working class, bitch! How in the hell is it our responsibility to pay a worker’s salary for a business we have zero control over?

There’s nothing stopping Sarah, a petty bourgeois sellout, from giving two part-time working Black students 100% of their resources back. Not one damn thing.

If you can’t support your employees without stealing from your community, close your store!

That’s just how Colonialism works, though. Businesses can’t keep their doors open, and not steal from Black people at the same time, whether it’s from their workers, or from the Black community. Under colonialism, business owners can never pay working class colonized people a living wage. They’re just giving back a fraction of the shit they stole. Sarah is more united with the plantation owner than the people in the fields. 

During a genocide of working class african and colonized people,  blacked owned businesses need to start showing their solidarity with working class Black people. They should be a pillar of support to their community, and NOT running their business like the next corporation. 

In other words, bougie negroes must commit class suicide to support poor and working class colonized people. You should actively go against the interests of white power if you own a business on stolen land.

Black Hammer believes no one must live at the expense of another. That includes the business owners who fatten their own pockets at the expense of the workers whose resources were stolen. 

We are building Hammer City to create a decolonized base where people of color have complete control. We will be submissive only to our four principles of unity and not to the colonizers, their sellouts, or the colonialvirus.

Join the fight for poor and working Colonized people!

Join the revolution!

Land Back!

Donate those coins to help us #BuildHammerCity!

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