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10 reasons why we need Hammer City

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

A city without rent, without pigs, without coronavirus—a city for people of color only. It’s the answer to the centuries of colonialism which have murdered colonized people and robbed us of our land.

On July 4th, Black Hammer announced its plan to construct Hammer City, a liberated city for colonized people away from the oppression of white power. We’re building Hammer City because the land question is everything. Because land is power.

Here are 10 reasons why we need Hammer City

1. Land is power

The colonial contradiction has created the vilest, most violent regime in the history of humanity, but even amerikkka is not invincible. Poor and working-class colonized people need Hammer City because we are the vast majority of the world’s population. Colonialism will fall, and a global system of stolen wealth will return the land back to the original nations of that land. When we topple Colonialism, every city will be a Hammer City.

We need Hammer City, and we need it today, to wield the kind of power that will prepare us for that day. We need to take the land back because land is power.

2. Our resources are being stolen

It’s not just the land, but everything produced by it that is being stolen by greedy Imperialists; from the coltan that goes into our phones, to the lithium in its battery; from the food grown by Indigenous laborers in California, to the oil being stolen by the truckload in Syria.

Two Children mine for Coltan in a Congolese Coltan mine.
Two Children mine for Coltan in a Congolese Coltan mine.

Liberating the land also means having complete control over the resources that come from the land.

3. We’re being attacked by the pigs

After the lynching of George Floyd in June, rebellions led by African and Colonized people have picked up around the world, pushing back against the colonial knee on all of our necks. Following this wave of rebellions was the second wave of liberals, and sellout reformers who called for “defunding the police”.

Let’s ignore the fact that prisons have done the most to spread COVID-19 among colonized people since the beginning of the pandemic. The fact is that the pigs do not exist to protect human lives, they exist to protect private property. We should completely abolish the police and burn down their institutions as Africans have done in Minnesota. The cry to “defund the police” is nothing more than a cry to pay the pigs in a different uniform. Our security can only be guaranteed by organizing our own self-defense, which is only possible on liberated land.

Leaders like Nicolas Maduro, in Venezuela, have proven that when you nationalize the land and its resources it’s just as important to give every citizen the tools to defend the country from the tentacles of Imperialism. That level of self-determination is only possible when you move to liberate the land.

When we says that Hammer City is a place without pigs, we mean it.

4. Colonized people don’t own their own homes

Homeownership rates have been falling for almost 20 years, but when amerikkka gets cut, colonized people bleed to death. Even after the outlawing of Jim Crow era redlining laws, decades of predatory mortgages handed out by banks have continued the legacy of dispossession and theft targeting colonized communities. In the cities affected the worst by this targeting, an African is three times less likely to own a home then a colonizer.

Homeownership rates for black, white families broken down by city.
Homeownership rates for black, white families broken down by city.

Colonized people will always be robbed of our wealth so long as we live on stolen land. Our labor provides housing, not landlords, and not banks. When we return the land to its rightful stewards, we abolish the legacy of theft put in place by Colonialism and her cronies.

5. We need to get rid of food deserts

African and Indigenous communities were not built to sustain our people, they built to kill us slowly. When a parent has children to feed, it doesn’t matter how good our revolutionary principles are, the people will not listen if they are hungry.

That’s why colonialism produces hunger — to keep the people from rebelling. In a country like amerikkka, which sits on the largest amount of stolen wealth in human history, the fact that colonized people cannot get access to healthy food is another form of genocide.

Which is why Hammer City is prioritizing the agricultural science developed by Indigenous people for thousands of years to grow our own food. Like the revolutionaries of Zimbabwe, Black Hammer knows that feeding the people and growing the revolution go hand in hand.

6. Our water is being poisoned

No, not just in Flint, Michigan, although Flint still does not have clean water. The Flint water crisis simply highlighted a national trend. Across the u.s., utility companies are more likely to violate health and safety standards for drinking water when that water goes to African and Indigenous communities. Access to clean drinking water is tied up in the land question just as much as food.

7. We’re dying from Coronavirus

Since the announcement of a widespread quarantine across amerikkka, colonized people have felt the crushing effect of the COVID-19 pandemic being pushed into our communities. Whether it’s infection rates, death rates, which workers are most at risk of dying, which children are most at risk when schools are forced back open, colonized people have been made to bear the full weight of the pandemic.

African communities across the u.s. have seen infection rates sometimes 20 times higher than their settler neighbors. On the continent, Africans have been the targets of rushed vaccines pushed in them by corporate profiteers.

Indigenous communities have also been disproportionately attacked. The Navajo Nation has higher death rates than any state within the u.s.; Not to mention, the malicious treatment of Indigenous migrants kidnapped and kept in concentration camps. Where ICE has been spraying them with the toxic disinfectant HDQ Neutral.

It’s clear by studying the rapid response of nations like Vietnam, Cuba, and the DPRK, that the best combatants of the pandemic are states run by a dictatorship of the colonized working class.

Cuban doctors holding the cuban flag.

8. Our labor is killing us

The spread of COVID-19 has sent shock waves throughout the global economy as colonial governments scramble to contain the pandemic. This decision to push the infection rates almost entirely into colonized communities continues even as corporations stomp their feet to open up the economy.

The phrase “essential worker” has become commonplace, but we should remember that poor and working-class colonized people have been the most likely to die from COVID-19. Even now, u.s. Politicians are scrambling to open up schools in the fall to ensure that their parents can return to the workforce to die. We should ask ourselves, is a job at Burger King worth dying for?

Angela Martinez Gomez, 41, a Mexican trans women who died from COVID-19. Rest in power.

9. Voting has never uplifted us

For real, anybody telling colonized people to vote our way out of genocide has not paid attention these last 150 years since getting the vote. Fuck anybody, especially Angela Davis, who tells poor and working-class colonized people that one imperialist criminal is better than another.

Contrary to what Davis might say for a speaking fee, voting for Joe Biden is not the same thing as “to vote for ourselves”. As revolutionaries, we have no problem with the ballot box, but a voting system designed by colonizers has only ever served Colonialism.

political cartoon calling out Obama

Obama is not a black radical, he is a murderer, and is responsible for the death of more Africans than any other president in the history of this illegitimate country. Joe Biden is responsible for writing the laws which ballooned the prison system in the ‘90s and now locks up more Africans than were enslaved at the start of the american Civil War.

Poor and working-class colonized people need a dictatorship, not a ballot box.

10. We’re all connected

Colonialism does not just affect one country or even several countries, but the entire world. It is a global system, which means to strike Colonialism in one country means you strike it everywhere. The ability to construct Hammer City is a crucial answer to the land question wherever colonized people are suffering.

It’s the liberation of Hammer City which gives poor and working-class colonized people the skills and tools to liberate all of Turtle Island. It’s the unity between colonized nations which brings those tools to colonized nations all over the world.

Black Hammer’s Nigeria Chapter is helping hundreds of Africans with food drives and PPE drives today; tomorrow it will be the base for yet another Hammer City. The unity of colonized people is our greatest strength, and organization is our greatest weapon.

Land Back!

Help Black Hammer #BuildHammerCity today! Donate to

CashApp: $BuildHammerCity

Venmo: BuildHammerCity (Leave a ? emoji, or a note specifying “Hammer City”)



  1. I’ve read a number of the articles now and have not read anything that I disagree with. All I would ask is to be “vouched for” some day, as I am a white person. I wish there was a way for me to be adopted so to speak. I’m disgusted with the vast majority of the people here on Turtle Island and their colonial views. Once one knows the truth they can’t un-know it.

    There are those of us who acknowledge that Indigenous Peoples should be sovereign and that we are on their land. Sadly, here in KKKanada things are about the same as in the US. They pretend we’re “better” than them. I hate that hypocrisy.

    You are clearly wise in your understanding of other nations that Western nations try to bully and control such as Venezuela. Few understand these things. The only people I know that get it have been Socialists that I have been in personal contact with. You do have allies.

    I wish you success. It’s time we began to live in harmony with the earth instead of exploiting it, damaging it, and hurting it’s people.


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