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Mexico is banning herbicide, Round up, in 2024

By Comrade Llabbe, Black Hammer Times Staff,

The colonial-capitalist company, Monsanto, created an herbicide to make farms produce more profit. In amerikkka, food is made for profit; it can’t just be given the hungry, otherwise who could the food be sold to?

In amerikkka,  at least one third of food  produced is wasted. Capitalism requires food scarcity to keep profits high.

Mexico made a plan to stop using the herbicide, Roundup, in 2024. This is because tens of thousands of farmers and workers had their DNA damaged by Roundup. Monsanto was even forced to pay ten billion dollars to settle cancer-related lawsuits

The chemical in Roundup is glycophosphate which cuts the lifespan of colonized farm workers. Many cases go unnoticed because the capitalist governments want a quiet docile workforce who will die working to make a profit for colonizers. Roundup also destroys the environment by killing most grubs and insects and ruining ecosystems. 

Image of a building occupied by Nestle
Monsanto is the owner of other popular companies such as Nestle, as well as Pringles, Pepsi, Jiffy, and Aunt Jemima

While the colonized working class people in Mexico are dying from a chemical genocide, the colonizers and sellouts of Mexico will cry that banning Roundup will hurt their profits. 

They always lie though –  Monsanto has a global monopoly with patents on key crops, and banning Roundup unfortunately isn’t going to be enough to overthrow the business owners. For example, corn is the biggest export of Mexico, and genetically modified (GM) corn is key to Monsanto’s business model. 

Chemical weapons manufacturer

Monsanto also created the chemical weapon Agent Orange to destroy the flora, fauna, and people of Viet Nam. Like Coronavirus, Agent Orange also maimed their own soldiers, proving that white power agents would rather die for the colonial machine than live in a world where all working class colonized people are equal: they’d rather colonized people be dead.

Image of a u.s. helicopter in Viet Nam, with soldiers spraying Agent Orange

We know that indigenous people deserve more than 10 billion dollars to overturn their genocide and get their stolen land back. The indigenous people of Mexico have been the target of Spanish colonization for centuries.

In Mexico’s southern region, the indigenous people of Chiapas have risen up to create self determination. This comes from a decades long struggle to create greater self determination on their own stolen land.

The indigenous nations of Mexico know that Land is Power!

The colonizers exploit everything they can. The science of life, biology, was turned into eugenics. The death-obsessed colonizers use the human body against itself by spreading disease.

The building blocks of life which should be used to create food for all humanity are instead just being used to increase exploitation and profits for the colonizer.

We Colonized people have had our own food systems for thousands of years.

Image of a landscape in mexico, with a small farm

We turn plants into serums and natural medicines. We eat our food from the environment without waste. We use all the parts of our food to compost and fertilize the soil.

Indigenous people of the world used material science to live in harmony with the earth. They were Diaclectical Materialists, meaning that they only studied what was real, and how everything in the real world was connected, how it all moved and changed, and how to affect that material change.

African and Indigenous Power exists to serve the land

What we were forced to eat since being colonized was the most cheap and abundant foods. The waste of europeans was given to us and we created delicacies from it.

In the land of the indigenous Caribbean people (Kalina people of what is now known as Colombia), we eat a soup rich in root vegetables and herbs. This soup is not only good for the environment, but filled with rich vitamins and minerals.

Indigenous culture has been normal and healthy for human society and the earth for thousands of years.

Flyer promoting Hammer City, with the hashtag #LandisPower

This is why Black Hammer is constructing Hammer City for all working class colonized people no matter gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity.

Hammer city is going to put indigenous people in full dictatorship of the land. We are creating self determination to live without the colonial contradictions of rent, Coronavirus, and the pigs.

Black Power! 

Land is Power!

Help Black Hammer #BuildHammerCity today! Donate to

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