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Nick Cannon got pimped

Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times,

After airing a podcast episode in June calling white people “savages”, Nick Cannon was officially fired by Viacom on Wednesday, July 15, after a multi-million dollar career spanning twenty years.

Viacom then left their former employee to fend for himself surrounded by digital lynch mobs.

That same day, in a Facebook post titled “Truth and Reconciliation”, Cannon puffed out his chest and clapped back at Viacom.

“I will not be bullied, silenced, or oppressed by any organization, group, or corporation. I am disappointed that Viacom does not understand or respect the power of the Black community.”

In that hilariously brief 24-hour window, Cannon would go from “Viacom is on the wrong side of history” to sliding into the arms of a different pimp: Disney’s Fox network.

Apparently, it pays to suck the Master’s white dick.

What makes a real man

Neocolonial men like Nick have proven just how quickly they will change their tune to side with corporations plundering colonized communities. They know who signs their checks.

Black Ownership has long been lifted up as the solution to oppression, but time and time again, the class of rich black business owners proves to be just as willing to step on working class colonized people as the white ruling class.

Tyler Perry, Sean Combs, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z & Beyonce, the Obamas, and all of the Black elite are so deep in Colonialism’s pocket that to speak out against it for one second means to lose everything. How quickly did Nick lose his billion-dollar brand Wild n’ Out?

A sellout like Nick could do nothing but tweet his groveling apologies to Jewish colonizers in the hopes that he could keep his spot on the plantation. It’s no surprise that he’s gone running to a different colonial pimp, Disney.

Nick Cannon’s weak principles are nothing but words; real men stand by their words with action.

When Gazi Kodzo, commander-in-Chief of the Black Hammer Organization, was accused of being anti-semitic, he didn’t once blink. He united with the poor and working class colonized people over instead of the colonizer.

In the middle of his Facebook apology, Cannon went on to say, “l am excited to announce that I have been invited to Israel which is a lifelong dream.”

In the space of a few hours, Nick Cannon wrote a whole novel apologizing to Jewish colonizers, but when are Jewish colonizers going to apologize for the Nakbah against Palestinians? When are Jewish colonizers going to apologize to the African and Indigenous communities they occupy in the united snakes

And when are all rich Black celebrities going to do the same?

The fact is that colonizers have always called us anti-Semitic for siding with poor and working class colonized people. They use the same tactic against Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Amiri Baraka, Huey Newton, and James Baldwin.

The difference is that all of these men united with their revolutionary principles, and did not bow to the empty criticisms of white haters. They refused to get pimped by Colonialism.

Kill Your Heroes

In the now-deleted YouTube video, Nick Cannon took a moment to shout out one of his idols, Louis Farrakhan.

You know, the same Louis Farrakhan who helped the Nation of Islam gun down Malcolm X. The same Louis Farrakhan who said that Queer folk are “created by Satan”.

It’s no secret that there is no room for homosexuality in the Nation of Islam; no room for the leadership of Black women; no room for the bold anti-colonial principles preached by Brother Malcolm.

But it’s not for any of these for which Farrakhan is brought into the media spotlight.

Sean Combs has since invited Cannon to join his network, Revolt TV, which also hosts Louis Farrakhan.

Only when he denounces white Jews does the white supremacist media care to write about Farrakhan “the anti-Semite”.

Why is Farrakhan never denounced for his bigotry towards black queer people, and Black women? It’s because his outdated vision of the Black family, of the African nation, enforces the same divisions as Colonialism.

Although  the Nation of Islam has been around for more than 80 years, and Farrakhan been at the head for more than 60 years, the only demographic willing to take their message to heart is the Black middle class.

And for a Black businessman like Nick Cannon one who uplifts Black capitalism, and leaves out any serious discussion of Revolution, is just good for business.

Uplifting Black capitalism, and leaving out serious discussion of Revolution, is good for business. It’s no coincidence that Louis Farrakhan is the personal hero of many uppity Black businessmen like Nick Cannon.

It seems that when faced with Twitter lynch mobs, Nick Cannon would rather side with the assassins of true revolutionaries than with the colonized masses they died for.

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