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The hidden agenda of Wikipedia

By Comrade Llabbe

Remember when your teachers at your school told you not to use Wikipedia because anyone could edit it? Then remember how you went on Wikipedia anyway to get that last-minute paper done and got a C on it using the sources of the article?

Using those sources got you a bad grade because Wikipedia lies. Wikipedia passes itself off as unbiased, but it’s not.

Like Fox news and our colonial (mis)education system, the idea that something can be without bias is nothing but a lie. The truth is: nothing is unbiased.

Of course Wikipedia has bias and it’s just as likely to lie you as any colonizer or neocolonial sellout.

Wikipedia is a colonial tool

One editor of Wikipedia, Steven Pruitt, has written or edited 30% of all Wikipedia articles, and he is no unbiased fact finder.

Pruitt is a colonizer intellectual who works for u.s. Customs and Border Protection. Even though he works to prevent the free flow of people and information into amerikkka, he also despises the Soviet Union for a so-called lack of free flowing information.

This job means that Pruitt helps deport indigenous people from their own land on Turtle Island. He works directly for a settler-colonial project which threatens indigenous workers with deportation.

Wikipedia can’t even pretend to be an unbiased source of information because it takes hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from colonial corporations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Craigslist. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia also works with the u.s. government.

Furthermore, the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, supports the settler-colonial project of israel in their genocide against native Palestinians.

Pictured: Jimmy Wales

The u.s. Department of Homeland Security has also invited Wikipedia spokespeople to speak on how Wikipedia can help convince the masses of their true enemies. The enemies consist of the Communist Party of China, the 39 countries sanctioned by the u.s., and internal anti-colonial threats like so-called Black Identity extremists, and antifa.

Colonized people need our own education

Even though Wikipedia can technically be edited by anyone, we know it’s the colonizers and the corporations who are in control, and they manipulate all the information there.

Poor and working class colonized people need absolute control over our lives, land, and resources. The first step is having control over our ideas and our minds.

We need to learn from groups that aren’t biased in a way that helps white colonizers and their sell-out neocolonial puppets. Only then can we realize our ancestral right to self-determination over our land.

This is why Black Hammer is building our own source of information, created by and for poor and working class colonized people. We already have an online library with resources on history, revolutionaries, and the culture of colonized people around the world.

Watch our Tuesday Rally on Facebook Live to learn more about Hammer City, the anti-colonial scoop on current events, and safety tips for Coronavirus and the kkkops! Each of our rallies starts with political education where we learn from anti-colonial revolutionary news sources, unlike Wikipedia.

We serve anti colonial tea on the colonizer’s Business, discuss our political line, and unite with each other in our revolutionary optimism for the future of colonized liberation!

We’re also making an anti-colonial curriculum for our members and youth as we #BuildHammerCity. It is necessary to decolonize the minds of adults and youths as we create a decolonized area to further our Land Back movement to build Black Power.

Land Back!

In order to help our construction of a city where there is no rent, no coronavirus, no pigs, and of course no colonizers, please donate to
cashapp $BuildHammerCity

Venmo BuildHammerCity (Leave a ? emoji, or a note specifying “Hammer City”)

And join Black Hammer Today!




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