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Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?

By Comrade Llabbe

In 2015, The Real News Network interviewed Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the interview, Cullors states that the leaders of Black Lives Matter “actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

The Marxist training Cullors is referring to is from jewish colonizer and so-called “communist”, Eric Mann.

Pictured: Eric Mann.

Eric Mann does what most white communists do: support colonialism but from the left. Mann, Cullors, and the national Black Lives Matter organization demonstrated their support for left-wing colonialism by supporting Democratic Party candidate Bernard Sanders, another jewish colonizer.

Black Lives Matter is a weak organization. They sap the energy of young colonized radicals and push ineffective liberal reforms like defunding the police.

At the same time, Black Lives Matter does not protect their vulnerable members like Oluwatoyin Salau. Many Black Lives Matter protesters have been murdered and gone missing as members of this allegedly “trained Marxist” organization.

Fake White Revolutionaries are Weapons of the State

Cullors talks about how she was organized and radicalized by Eric Mann, but he and his “trained Marxist,” are representatives for a political movement completely divorced from the mass of colonized working people.

Eric Mann is a well known former member of the Weather Underground Organization, an ultra-radical group that formed out of the Students for a Democratic Society.

The Weather Underground was a group of white people who waged an adventurist ultra-violent campaign against the colonial united snakes. They bombed the FBI, stole from intelligence offices, and put themselves in danger to get the nation’s attention.

Revolutionaries like the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panther Party were the real revolutionaries of the time, and the Weather Underground’s actions distracted from their struggle.

Although these actions are valid attacks against the colonial white power system, they were done without the support of the colonized masses. Not even the white whipping class masses supported the Weather Underground; they segregated themselves and failed to stop real threats like the KKK.

Anti-colonial revolutionaries are the threat to the FBI

The Weather Underground was used to justify the FBI’s secret program to destroy the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panther Party using COINTELPRO. These organizations were actual threats to white power because they supported and defended their communities by serving them with food and healthcare.

The Weather Underground was not targeted in the same ways by the white nationalist state. They were not better organizers or better communists than the Black Panthers, but the state left them alone because they were colonizers.

There are many groups of colonizers studying to become Marxists, Leninists, and Maoists, but class struggle without anti-colonial struggle will fail, and these failures are used to keep capitalism-colonialism powerful.

White power uses these adventurist groups like Weather Underground to attack white power’s real threats: African and Colonized revolutionaries. The segregated white radicals were held up as the real revolutionary threats as a distraction while white power picked off actual threats.

The FBI did not attack the KKK or the Weather Underground, but they did attack and murder Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers. The FBI used disunity in these organizations to dismantle them.

Black Hammer Fights white leftism and white power

Although the founders of Black Lives Matter are allegedly “trained Marxists”, the fact that they were trained by white Weather Underground radicals who didn’t have support of the masses shows that they are not true revolutionaries.

So no, Black Lives Matter is not a real Marxist movement; they are just another example of white power in Black face.

The Weather Underground created disorganized chaos that was used as an excuse by the state to attack anti-colonial Black Power groups.

Similar disorganization can be seen in Black Lives Matter today, and it’s clear that the colonial-capitalist state is trying to take control by supporting this reformist fake-revolutionary movement.

The Black Hammer Organization will not repeat this history, and we do not support any of this weak reformism or undisciplined thrill-seeking.

Furthermore, Black Hammer is building Hammer City to protect all colonized people from the dangers of the state and white leftists.

Pictured: rendition of Hammer City. Not pictured: white people.

When colonized people have dictatorship over the land, we can protect ourselves from coronavirus, the pigs, and white leftists.

Join our live rallies at 7PM EST and see how we combat colonizer threats with Chief Slim of Security, and how we combat Coronavirus with Chief Ina’s reports on viral safety.

Check us out on our Facebook Live @BlackHammerOrg to live for the revolution.

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Black Power!




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