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ICE Targets International Students for Deportation

Chief Sante, Black Hammer Times Staff

Many international students who have come to the u.s. have been proven multiple times that the united snake’s government is keen on keeping its “non-immigrant” population.

On July 6, the terrorist organization Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), announced that international students who are taking online-only classes were at risk of deportation.

To put this into context, the majority of the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is controlled by ICE, not the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which administers the entire legal immigration system.

Both Trump and Biden want schools to reopen in the fall because that means parents going back into the workforce. If schools don’t open, the economy doesn’t open.

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting schools on hiatus, many students are faced with two options: uprooting themselves and transferring to a different school with in-person classes to maintain their “legal” status, or leaving the country.

Only 8% of schools are staying online-only, and a huge number of them are Ivy League schools. The rest are opening because they can’t afford to be online-only. While international students in these 8% schools will be targeted by ICE, these other poor and working class colonized students will be targeted by Coronavirus.

Harvard has one of the most comprehensive plans to teach remotely, moving almost all of its classes online and laying out an organized plan on how to do so. This looks very bad for the state because they don’t want the most prestigious school in the world to offer guidance on how to keep schools working remotely.

ICE made its announcement on the same day that Harvard announced their plan, showing how seriously the state wants to reopen.

As the number of coronavirus cases surge, attending a jam-packed classroom to receive an education puts students’ health at risk, and with many countries across the world closing borders, students lose the chance of leaving the country to go back home.

“Going home” isn’t necessarily a better option either. Many students have low internet connectivity, no access to online curricula or have to attend classes at nighttime.

International students are stuck in limbo. On top of being this, international students are unauthorized to work outside of campus, leaving them penniless to pay rent or bills.

But it isn’t just students. In the proclamation, the government has slashed employment-based visas due to the “extraordinary circumstances” posed by coronavirus. The Amerikkkan administration is taking advantage of the pandemic to dictate its own immigration agenda.

The non-immigrant class of visas: F-1 (student) visas, J-1 (summer program) visas, and the H1B (work) visas are all colonial tools to hoard international knowledge within these institutions in the imperial core.

But they aren’t just tools to hoard the material knowledge and skills; they divide the poor and working Black and Colonized class.

Around 30% of the international student population are Chinese, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This means that the move to deport students is part of the united snakes ongoing trade war with China.

ICE is working to expel the country’s economic rivals, most of whom pay full tuition out of pocket. This doesn’t even include all the other international students in the same position. Trump is threatening these colleges with a loss of billions in revenue.

Retrospectively, this knowledge has been gatekept by the colonizer class, allowing no access for poor and working Colonized students.

It wasn’t until our ancestors had fought for their seat in higher education that international students from around the world were able to attend these brainwashing institutions.

We know that getting a college degree under colonial-capitalism is a petty bourgeois aspiration. Poor and working class Colonized people are coerced into higher education as a means to participate in white power as opposed to completely abolishing it.

Black and Colonized people’s duty in this situation is to take down these institutions and build a new one. The current colonial education system is a means to produce a new group of oppressors and Colonized sellouts.

As dialectical materialists, we can build systems of education outside of white power. Under the dictatorships of the poor and working Black and Colonized people we will teach our history, culture, and art.

ICE is a white power colonial tool that targets any Colonized person regardless of their “legal” status. ICE continues to cage Indigenous children and gas them in borders and uproot and tear apart families in their own land.

We must abolish ICE and take down white power.

We must organize and build our own power and return the land to its Indigenous people.

We must build the revolution.

Black Power!

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