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5 reasons why your landlord is a parasite

By Comrade Hash

Although it feels like in exchange for rent, we get shelter; that’s not the full story. When we pay rent, we pay more than it costs to build and maintain our homes. Like a cockroach or mouse that lurks in your home, waiting to capitalize on any mess or spill, landlords will take everything you have when they have a chance.

You can always buy traps or insecticide to rid your house of the small parasites, but only two things will keep the big parasites away: rent or revolution.

Here are 5 reasons why your colonizing landlord is worse than a cockroach.

1) Rent is exploitation

Where does the extra money go? If you pay $1,000 in rent, some goes to upkeep, some to taxes, some to maintenance and administration, but the rest goes to the parasites known as landlords in the form of profit.

It doesn’t matter if your landlord is a colonizer or a sellout, as a colonized person paying rent in amerikkka, your landlord is exploiting you.

2) Eviction freezes are a liberal publicity stunt

If you can’t pay rent, you are not alone. The u.s. is headed for another crisis in the form of mass evictions. In May, for example, almost 25% of Black poor and working-class people couldn’t pay rent.

A recent study in Boston has shown that Black communities are the most vulnerable to being evicted from their homes. This is a textbook example of how our system hurts Black and Colonized people.

Some states recognized this crisis and attempted a weak solution: put a hold on evictions if people can’t pay their rent. However, the eviction moratoriums are starting to expire and only a few states have currently—active eviction moratoriums.

3) The government doesn’t expect you to be able to pay rent

Although state propaganda outlets happily reported that more jobs are available in June, this is a half-truth: there are 15 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic.

The u.s. Congressional Budget Office’s economic growth estimates in 2020 are about 8% lower because of the corrupt concerted response of white power to the pandemic.

4) Jobs reopening might mean you can pay rent

After three months of attempting to combat Coronavirus, the colonizer government has decided to give up. The unemployment rate is usually around 4%. In May, the unemployment rate skyrocketed and now in June, the unemployment rate is 11%.

Still, in a few short weeks of businesses reopening, amerikkkan new cases of Coronavirus have set a world record.

The population of the state of Florida is the same as that of Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China: 21 million people. On July 5, 2020, Florida reported a record of 11,458 new infections of Coronavirus. That same day, the city of Beijing reported a single new case.

5) The game is rigged

Colonialism means that Black and Indigenous communities have no control over their lives, land or resources. This is why Colonized communities are hardest-hit by Coronavirus.

While white european colonizers sleep soundly knowing that their family’s fortunes and estates will protect them from eviction, Colonized people worry about where they will sleep the next day.

Unfortunately, many Colonized people will be left out on the streets after the wave of evictions that is on its way. Just like after the Great Recession in 2008, evictions will further speed up gentrification.

Landlords will be able to use the excuse of Coronavirus to call pigs to throw people on the street. Afterward, they’ll sell the house to some bougie colonizers to make even more profits.

Parasitic landlords are less human than a cockroach. A cockroach won’t make you homeless.

When the time is up, we only have each other

We are the hardest hit with the Coronavirus, and we are the hardest hit by landlord parasites. Colonized people are resourceful, and our biggest strength comes when we are organized.

Just like how China successfully handled Coronavirus, the Chinese revolution shows an excellent model for addressing landlord exploitation.

Colonized working class people deserve to have absolute control–dictatorship–over their lives, lands and resources. This means we should not have to be forced into paying a parasitic landlord.

Unfortunately, history has shown that exploitation will continue until colonialism is stopped. The only thing we can do is to organize and work together rather than praying that the genocidal state will eventually care about us.

Rendition of Hammer City

To address this need, the Black Hammer Organization has unveiled our ambitious project, Hammer City, a city without not only rent but colonizers as well. We are building a world where the poor and colonized working class has dictatorship over their lives. We can’t wait for a future without parasites, we need to create it today! A world where we won’t have landlords, where we can turn our attention to friendlier pests like cockroaches.

Land Back!

Black Power!

You too can help #BuildHammerCity by donating to our cause!
CashApp: $BuildHammerCity
Venmo: BuildHammerCity



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