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CHOP shoots at Black teens, Hammer City says “No Cops!”

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

On June 29th, at 3 A.M. shots were fired in the CHOP zone, the occupied area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. 16-year-old Antonio Mays, Jr. was shot and killed in a vehicle, along with a 14-year-old who was in the car. The narrative released by CHOP ‘security’ was that the two teens were driving a stolen car and were shooting at the protestors, but in a video posted the Twitter, the cars windows are rolled up. And no guns were reported to be found at the scene. What we do hear is shooting and violence from the colonizers inside CHOP, where one person can be heard saying “he’s not dead huh?” and “yo, you wanna get pistol whipped?”

Pictured: Antonio Mays, Jr. (deceased)

That wasn’t even the first fatal shooting of an African child in the area. 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson was gunned down just a week earlier. The anarchists at CHOP were more welcoming of the Proud Boys then they were of Black children who actually lived in the neighborhood.

Why does CHOP make space and dialogue with the KKK and the Proud Boys (and the pigs), and end up murdering Black children? It’s because colonizer protestors are the police!

African and colonized people are the ones with a real stake in defending the land. Land is power.

Sellouts are the feds, not our leaders

Since the earliest reports in June, it was clear that the movement to occupy six city blocks was never about liberating the land. What has been described as a “police-free zone” was a lie from the very beginning. Even the name “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” was a lie. There was nothing organized about the movement, and it wasn’t a protest.

Do you know what Black Hammer calls a movement with no leadership? A block party.

One of the absentee “leaders”, property developer Raz Simone, admits that the six blocks were never even autonomous. According to Raz, “It’s not an autonomous zone and it never was.” In his interview on CNN, Raz admits that the pigs never even completely vacated the CHOP zone.

Another one of the sellout “leaders” was Kshama Sawant, a career politician and so-called socialist. What was Shawant’s response to the murder? To involve the pigs in the investigation! The same sellout crying about how much she distrusts the pigs said that the Seattle Pig Dept. must “fully investigate this attack and be held accountable to bring the killer(s) to justice.”

CHOPs biggest failure was that white anarchists and African and colonized sellouts are more unified with the pigs than they are with Colonized people.

Kshama Sawant pictured next to Bernard Sanders (Liberal Imperialist)

Raz Simone is not even interested in abolishing the pigs. He’s more interest in defending his million-dollar properties, and his Tesla than his own people. This is the type of “leadership” allowed in the CHOP zone.

Black Hammer has no room for this level of disorganization and lack of defense for poor and working class colonized people.

No pigs, no rent, no white people. Hammer City.

Hammer City is being built to uphold the dictatorship of the poor and working class indigenous peoples who’s land has been stolen by the u.s. government. Our strength comes from the masses of colonized people, something that squatters at CHOP could never build because they are colonizers.

The most important part of that culture of defense is to not allow them or their puppets to infiltrate our ranks. Like the Seminoles of Florida, Black Hammer makes no treaty with the people invested in our genocide. That is the reason for a place like Hammer City, which is for people of color only.

We’re building Hammer City to be a space away from these white protesters who don’t value our lives. We’re making sure it’s organized and as safe as possible for colonized folks to live in. Seattle’s CHOP can never protest the violence inflicted on black people in amerikkka because they just act like pigs. Sellouts are no better.

As long as you work alongside the pigs, you will never have liberation. The poor and working class colonized people will be the leaders of the land, and we will do everything to defend our dictatorship. A month-long block party led by millionaires is not power. Land is Power.

Land Back!

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