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China’s Response to Hong Kong neocolonialists shows confidence and calm in the face of desperate colonizers

By Black Hammer

The People’s Republic of China(PRC) has struck another blow to western backed imperialism. After dealing with an especially hectic 2019 full of pro-amerkkkan, pro-capitalist uprisings in their Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, the PRC has passed a law to prevent further collusion with western powers.



Not only does this law serve to weaken british and amerikkkan influence on the Chinese mainland, but it also serves to avoid a situation of warfare, which amerikkka so addicted to.

The PRC has successfully prevented Hong Kong from falling entirely to Western influence and also keep the region on course to be integrated with the government by 2047. Within minutes of the law passing, lead members of imperialist-backed organizations in Hong Kong began stepping down. Not soon after, a lot of these organizations disbanded entirely.

Western media immediately painted this law as an overstep on the “one country, two systems” principle. In reality it was an overstep on the part of amerikkka trying to fund a neocolonialist takeover of the region.

The PRC’s reaction was relatively calm, especially considering what would happen if the roles were reversed. Picture the amerikkkan response if Chinese-backed agencies such as People’s Daily or Xinhua were exposed for helping demonstrators in these recent uprisings all across the united snakes evade capture from the pigs. Imagine if TikTok was helping protestors evade state surveillance.

Amerikkka only knows one response: violence. This law by the PRC takes almost all of the power out of the neocoloniaist’s hands to spark an uprising. A further example of what a dictatorship of the colonized proletariat looks like in practice.

Even though the PRC’s response was calm and effective, this law was still met with a reactionary response by western powers.

The united snakkkes senate passed a bill that penalizes banks for doing business with Chinese entities and bans certain Chinese officials from entering the country. This bill, however, comes across as empty to a nation that is already distancing itself from the use of the u.s. dollar and has already banned individuals who egregiously support Hong Kong separatism from entering the PRC.

Britain’s reactionary response was even weaker than that of amerikkka’s; ironic considering that Hong Kong was colonized by the British in the first place. Their response was to offer an expedited path for citizenship to residents of Hong Kong. The PRC stated profusely that this is a violation of the 1997 decolonial treaty and that residents of Hong Kong are already considered Chinese nationals.

With Britain’s Colonial history of their treatment of immigrants as well as flat-out denying refugees, there can be only one possible reason they would openly welcome almost three million new immigrants. They are only interested in the mass amount of wealth generated by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and want to colonize that wealth from the PRC and bring it to the west.

Western media unapologetically uses complex situations in China to vilify the Communist Party of China in the eyes of the western world. The west, and in particular amerikkka, is desperate. They will do anything to slow down the development of this socialist nation.

The Black Hammer Organization gives a revolutionary salute to the People’s Republic of China for halting a neocolonialist takeover as well as doing it without any bloodshed. In the entire year of pro-colonial protests, the cops didn’t kill a single person. Compare that to how many people pigs kill every day in amerikkka.

Black Hammer believes that all the problems the colonized face stem from colonialism and the neocolonialists that uphold white power in our colonized nations. A note can be taken from the PRC in this sense. We need to rid our communities of these neocolonialist sell outs and fight for a world where no one lives at the expense of another.


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