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Two decades of sanctions fail to stop the Zimbabwean Revolution!

By Comrade Llabbe

Zimbabwe, like many countries seen as enemies to the united snakes, faces a strong bias against it from western media. Colonial news will report on rising inflation, cost of living and hunger. This propaganda blames incompetent and corrupt leadership, but it does not report on the underlying cause of these issues: sanctions.

The European Union and the united snakes have used sanctions to send Zimbabwe into economic shock. The white nationalists of Europe and amerikkka wish to reassert the white power leadership of Rhodesia in Zimbabwe by separating the revolutionaries from the people.

What triggered these sanctions? The ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), gave land back to indigenous Zimbabweans in 2003.

ZANU-PF states that one of their objectives is to “Continue to participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism and all forms of racism.”

Worse than ignoring these sanctions, amerikkkan propaganda helps drum up support for deadly sanctions against anti-imperialist nations like Zimbabwe. Warfare like this affects 39 countries, or a third of the world’s population, all of whom are colonized peoples.

The amerikkkan media is using the terms, corrupt, authoritarian, and greedy against the wrong people!

Their own leaders, such as the Clintons, have stolen millions from colonized nations such as Haiti. Barack Obama oversaw the forced deportation of three million indigenous South and Central American people during his presidency. North Carolina senator Richard Burr used his knowledge of the oncoming colonialvirus to engage in insider trading to loot the stock market.

Deporter-in-Chief Barack Obama is no friend to Indigenous people!

These individual cases are not even  a small fraction of the history of amerikkka using capitalism and nationalism to loot poor and working class colonized people. The same media outlets who condemn Zimbabwe offer no condemnation of these colonial leaders!

The real history of Zimbabwe without colonial media lies

Since the revolutionary war for independence from Britain in 1980, the revolutionary party ZANU-PF has taken an anti-colonial stance against white power imperialism in Africa. The u.s., Europe and belgium were secretly involved in the Rwandan Genocide, and after this led to wars in the Congo, Zimbabwe helped fight against this colonial meddling.

After this conflict, Zimbabwe focused on their economy by taking back land stolen by British settlers and returning it to indigenous Zimbabweans. This caused the white nationalist bloc to attack Zimbabwe with devastating sanctions.

Since then, white nationalist media has spread character assassinations against the long time leader Robert Mugabe and his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Command Agriculture, a program created to increase domestic production of Maize and other food staples, has kept Zimbabwe independent. It is also an example of the dictatorship of the colonized proletariat working to meet the people’s needs.

The ZANU-PF program has had much success in creating environmentally sustainable food production for the poor and working class of Zimbabwe in the face of international sanctions.

Economy of Zimbabwe

Central banks of colonizer countries have been accused of “going Zimbabwe” due to the current instability of the marketcaused by Coronavirus. This pandemic has been a targeted genocide at colonized communies, but it is the colonizer countries who are suffering the most.

Similar to other colonized countries, Zimbabwe is currently suffering from currency devaluation. Recently, however, the government has been successful in starting to restore the health of their economy by stabilizing the currency’s exchange rate.

This has been done to keep the indigenous Zimbabwean people in control of their nation’s economy in the face of devastating sanctions.

The unity of the colonized proletariat around the world can smash Colonialism wherever they are! With organization and dictatorship of the poor and working class colonized people, white power cannot withstand us!

At Black Hammer we protect our people from all types of violence, whether from the pigs, or Coronavirus. Like the revolutionaries of Zimbabwe, we are building power by getting land back for the indigenous people, and we are defending that land by any means necessary!

Long live the Zimbabwean Revolution!

Land is Power!

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