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For immediate release: BHO Announces construction of Hammer City!

CHICAGO, 7/4/2020 – The Black Hammer Organization is in its initial stages for our project “Hammer City.” The project involves building a self-sustainable, self-governing community, complete with housing, agriculture, electricity, and plumbing.


“It’s a tangible, material answer to police violence, racist policies in the healthcare system, the education system, and the global pandemic,” says Chief Ina, the Black Hammer top official over the entire project. “These recent rebellions are the culmination of years of our genocide within this system and Hammer City is stepping away from that, and not just building a city, but returning sovereignty to the indigenous people.”

Black Hammer has been on the front lines battling COVID-19, providing life-saving research and PPE (N95 masks, medicine, hand sanitizers etc.) to poor and working class colonized communities. However, we recognize that PPE distribution isn’t enough to keep our people safe.

The amerikkkan government has been enforcing genocidal policies since the beginning of the outbreak, pushing COVID-19 infections and death almost exclusively into colonized neighborhoods.

On top of this, the state has ramped up its oppression of African and colonized communities, specially to crack down on the recent rebellions in the wake of George Floyd’s lynching. The results of an autopsy revealed that George Floyd tested positive for coronavirus, confirming our worst fears: if colonized people aren’t getting murdered by the pigs, coronavirus will do the job for them.

Poor and working class colonized people need a genuine, long-term solution to this deepening crisis. We need a true escape from the state-sanctioned murder in our communities and a place to build a self-sustaining, self-governing community. Hammer City is Black Hammer’s answer.

You too can help #BuildHammerCity by donating to our cause!
CashApp: $BuildHammerCity
Venmo: BuildHammerCity



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