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Mia Khalifa says, “Girl, don’t do it!”

By Comrade Jihad

If you know the name Mia Khalifa, it’s probably because you’ve seen it on popular porn sites. Ya little nasty! Actually, I’m joking about that nasty part, because in Black Hammer we truly believe that all colonized people are equal and that sex work is legitimate work.

Colonized people who choose to be sex workers deserve respect, and we don’t play respectability politics by allowing the illegitimate united snakes to determine what is respectable or not. All colonized people deserve to be treated as human, and we push back against white nationalism that tries to exploit and dehumanize us.

In the past, Black Hammer has discussed the commodification of sex, and how sites like Pornhub and the fantasies they sell, are birthed by the hands of white power.

Porn is no different than any other institution under Colonialism. When colonized people get into in porn, they are commodified and no longer have autonomy over where their bodies can be displayed and how those images can be used. Like any other institution which upholds white power, colonized people weren’t meant to be the ones in control – we aren’t even meant to be the customers. We are the objects that are bought and sold.

The root of the sex work “problem” is not that sex work is an oppressive system itself, but that colonialism transforms all forms of labor to exploit colonized people and uphold white power. Commander-in-Chief Gazi recently wrote an article where they explains how colonial institutions use sex work to maintain that power over colonized people.

Firsthand Experience

So, if we understand that sex work is legitimate work, why would Mia Khalifa, the famous Lebanese porn star, tell women not to fall victim to the porn industry? The answer is colonial violence.

Due to European colonization in the Middle East, religious divisions have led to constant tension and conflict in Lebanon. The Lebanese Civil War lasted from 1975-1990, but for years after, there were continued conflicts due to Israeli Zionists. Mia Khalifa and her family immigrated to amerikkka in 2001 to escape this colonial violence.

Taken from Mia Khalifa’s twitter page

Mia, like many others, experimented with porn at the young age of 21. In 2014 she just graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts in History, and says she only wanted to rebel at that moment of her life. She worked in the sex industry for three short months.

Since then, porn sites have made millions of dollars from selling her videos, but Mia has only received $12,000. She has been fighting to have her images and videos removed. Not only has she barely made any money, but Mia has also received death threats from the amerikkkan-backed organization ISIS and has been sexually assaulted by men when they pass her on the street.

Due to her firsthand experiences of this colonial and predatory industry, Mia has called for women to avoid doing porn altogether. Mia tweeted she wants to protect every girl from being taken advantage of even if she fails to get her own life back.

Moving Forward

Many of her Gen Z fans from TikTok have banded together and created a petition demanding the removal of her videos and images from all porn platforms. With over 1 million supporters, the tag #JusticeforMiaKhalifa became a trend across social media.

Mia only seeks to live her life without harassment, to leave the past behind, and to move forward with marrying the love of her life.


Colonialism demands we lay ourselves, talents, desires, and revolutionary voices down in sacrifice to navigate this system peacefully as possible. However, this is contradictory to our demand for complete freedom.

We demand freedom and control over ourselves.

We demand freedom and control over our land.

We demand freedom and control over our resources.

We demand freedom for ALL colonized people.

You cannot indulge in the sex industry but hate the sex worker. If you desire complete freedom, navigate to and become a member today.

Let’s decolonize TOGETHER.

Black Power!

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