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White Socialists are at the tail of African rebellions

By Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

For centuries, African and Colonized people have been trying to escape from the burning building known as the united snakkkes. Throughout that time, but especially over the past month, white socialists and white communists are desperate to pull us back in.

By pushing their way to the front of African rebellions, these Ku Klux Kommunists are trying to lead a movement that African and Colonized people carried for centuries. These white socialists speak on “revolution” as if we are background characters, instead of recognizing that we are the driving force.

What white socialists forget is that European colonizers have only been critical of capitalism for the past 150 years. On the other hand, Colonized people have been against capitalism ever since we met it at the barrel of a gun 400 years ago.

Europeans rejoiced at the transformation of their feudal society into a capitalist one, but their liberation from feudal landlords came at the expense of Colonized people.

While Europeans flocked to amerikkka like locusts. Colonized people didn’t come to amerikkka looking for money; we were the money. We were, and still are, collateral to keep their system running.

The white socialist is no different. Even in 2020, after weeks of taking to the streets to keep our knees on the pigs’ necks, Ku Klux Kommunists still act like Colonized bodies are resources to be hoarded and consumed.

To them, our rebellion is nothing more than their intellectual property. They will make a Facebook post, or write an article, and they will hold their nose and unite with us, but only as our managers.

No more reforms!

While liberals corral us into prisons to keep us down, these white leftists try to waste our rage by corralling us into the voting booth.

Every collective decision that colonized people make should put this colonial system in crisis. White conservatives are at least honest with their opposition, but just like conservatives, white socialists try to police us at every turn.

If you are colonized and have been to one of these rebellions, you will recognize many of these policing tactics. The most popular tactic is to say that we should protect our “right” to vote. As if we could vote our way out of the colonial contradiction! As if it is our “right” to cast a vote for our favorite imperialist pig, our favorite executioner.

Another tactic is to reform the pigs. Hidden within their calls to disarm and disband police unions, are the demands for increased pig training, or for hiring more social workers. Social workers do just as much to terrorize African communities, and who are even begging to work for police departments. This is their “radical” reform: hiring more pigs!

The hi-jacking of these rebellions takes colonized people further away from attacking the main contradiction that attacks the globe: Colonialism. Worse, it places colonized people at the back of our own rebellions when we should be at the front.

The real working class

Poor and working class colonized people have never needed colonizer “allies” to tell us how to rebel against the whip.

We did not need them in Haiti, Ghana, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Algeria, Viet Nam, Korea, China, Nicaragua, Venezuela, or any other nation where poor and working class colonized people have successfully made revolution against Colonialism.

What experience does the white socialist have? What right do they have swoop in and write about the “correct” way tobreak the chains that they helped bind us in?

No matter what ideology the colonizer comes draped in, everything they have, from the clothes on their back to the theories they worship, comes from us. To steal our historical, material relationship to revolution and put themselves first is beyond arrogance; it is violence.

They are still the white whipping class and that is the reality they cannot escape.

Replacing white nationalist capitalism with white nationalist socialism does not answer the primary question: who has rightful claim to the land? Only anti-colonial revolution, led by the poor and working class colonized masses, can answer that question.

The limp theories of white socialists will always be hollow and will never answer that question.

White people did not magically forget the function that the pigs have in this society. They are very aware that state violence is the only thing between them and colonized people taking back their land, lives, and resources.

Especially in amerikkka, we must force white people to acknowledge that they are parasitic invaders of on stolen land.The colonized masses have shown our collective power and ability to shut down this illegitimate country.

White socialists are just as afraid of that power as the pigs.

The white socialist cries, “We don’t need the pigs because crime is at an all-time low!” because they refuse to accept that amerikkka is the crime.

The white socialist shouts, “Whose streets? Our streets!” because they still think they have any legitimate claim to the streets they stole.

The white socialist drools over occupying a single city block, like they did with CHOP in Seattle, because the white nationalist state has already colonized the territory for them. But the hollowness of their actions is clear when we compare the sad adventurers of white “leftists” in Seattle to the organizational power of the Zapatistas in Mexico.

The Zapatistas now hold 43 rebel areas in Mexico

Leaving white socialism behind

The oppression of Africans and colonized people is not a side effect of this blood-sucking system; it is the foundation. Without it, the entire machine of amerikkkan empire comes crashing down.

We do not want a reduction in crime; we want to abolish the biggest crime of them all: Colonialism! We don’t want to redistribute the wealth; we want total dictatorship over the wealth we alone created! The colonizer “leftist” knows that and will stop us at any cost from truly overthrowing that system.

Every white socialist who dares to invoke the real revolutionaries of Haiti would do well to remember that they have nothing in common with the Africans who burned down the plantation, and everything in common with the French officers plotting against them.

There is a gap between what white socialists say and what they do, a gap between their “solidarity” and their actions. These contradictions – not their “revolutionary” slogans – define their parasitic relationship to colonized people.

We have always been at the front of our own liberation and the destruction of this rotten country. We are the mass majority of the world. The white socialist can fall in line behind our leadership or be swept into the trashcan of history.

Black Power!



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