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Brazil’s white power forces are no match for the love of Black Power!

Comrade Llabbe, Staff of the Black Hammer Times,

Guilherme Silva Guedes, an Afro-Brazillian child disappeared on Saturday, June 14th.

He was then found at Institute of Forensic Medicine with signs of torture and shots to the head and hands.

According to his family, he was killed by a military pig who worked as a guard in a warehouse in the South Zone of São Paulo, Brazil.

Guilherme’s family found a badge with the military pigs “war name” at the place where the child was taken, in front of his grandmother’s house in Vila Clara.

Rebellions due to the murder of African and Colonized people have sprouted across the country.

There is now a protest in the vicinity of Avenida Cupecê, South Zone for Guilherme’s death, carried out by the residents and friends of the family.

The rebellion started in the last place Guilherme was seen before his death.

Despite the shock, battalions attempted to suppress the masses. Four buses have been destroyed in the uprising. Military pigs, tactical forces and shock battalions have cracked down with rubber shots.

In Brazil, African people have faced a long history of colonialism like the African people of the united snakkkes.

With their fascist president Jair Bolsonaro making Brazil follow the same neglectful path of treating Coronavirus as Donald Trump, the colonizers in charge show their weakness while projecting military strength.

It’s a fact that sick countries cannot wield the same power as healthy countries, despite the huff and puff the leaders put on by attacking their African and Colonized masses.

We in the Black Hammer Organization are educating our members about the mistakes of past movements, and we are preparing accordingly.

We believe that the only force capable of taking white power down is the Black Power of working class African and Colonized people uniting to end colonialism once and for all!

Black Power!



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