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Black Hammer lays down zero tolerance policy on abuse

Chief Turey, Chief of Black Hammer Times

On Thursday, June 18, Black Hammer made an urgent public announcement regarding the expulsion of an inactive member who had been abusing another member within the organization. The meeting was run by Chiefs Afeni, Mouhamadou, Suh, and Turey, and was followed by an immediate Q & A.

“We are here because there was a predator in our midst, and we want to let any predator out there know that we will find you and we will expose your ass.” said Chief Afeni, who led the meeting.

Chief Afeni, Chief of Western Region

Chief Suh, who is the Chief of membership over the entire organization, laid out the contradiction in plain terms “We had an African woman, who was an inactive member of the organization, who contacted another member, an African revolutionary man. She doxxed the member and used the information to force the Comrade to have a personal, romantic, predatory relationship with her,” Chief Suh had been present during the meeting with the perpetrator in which her membership was terminated.

Chief Suh, Chief of Membership

“These two members live on different coasts and have never met. Due to the unity and principle of the organizational leadership of Black Hammer, we peeped the contradiction and intervened before the Comrade was manipulated into sending nude photos of himself” they went on to say.

Out of respect for the wishes of the victim, his name was not revealed during the live stream. However, with his consent, the Chiefs shared screen shots of some of the text messages between the victim and the perpetrator.

“There is no space in Black Hammer Organization for predators. Period,” said Chief Suh, their voice unshakable. “For her disgusting display of predatory and manipulative behavior towards another member, which took the colonial violence we have vowed to destroy as an organization– took it and used it against another member—she is gone. There is no wiggle room in this process.”

As International Chief of membership, Chief Suh laid out Black Hammer’s second principle of unity, which states:

We believe all Colonized Proletariat are equal; no matter gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental / physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity. 

Chief Turey was the next speaker. One of the editors of the official Black Hammer manual, they were brought on specifically to discuss the “Code of Conduct & Discipline” section, in which the policies on harassment, violence, and termination were all written. “It doesn’t matter what your identity is, we have a zero tolerance policy for all of that.” they said. “When we get wind of that behavior, you are gone.”

Chief Turey, Chief of Black Hammer Times

Chief Turey went on to explain the official Black Hammer policy on Fraternizing. “We need to start seeing this as a security issue,” they said, regarding the organizational policy on romantic relationships between members.

“Nobody comes into this organization perfect, we’re all coming in with out own colonial bullshit, and if you’re going to enter into a revolutionary relationship you’re bringing all that stuff into the relationship. And by taking it to your leadership that you are now in this relationship, if any individual tries to manipulate you, that contradiction can be exposed.”

Chief Afeni chimed in once more before introducing Chief Mouhamadou.

“We need to all be aware of this behavior. It is bred in the colony, and we are stomping it out in Black Hammer.”

Secretary General Mouhamadou

Chief Mouhamadou is Secretary General, and second-in-command over the entire organization. “After we caught on, did a thorough investigation, we met with the perpetrator, told them what was happening, why it was happening, and they were promptly expelled. This is important, because when contradictions like this one have reared themselves in the past, we dealt with it with the same energy.”

The past situation that Chief Mouhamadou is referring to occurred in January, 2020, when a different member was investigated by organizational leadership, quickly expelled, and publicly denounced.

“In this situation, where the perpetrator was a woman, and the victim was a man, the victim was actually an active member and the perpetrator was not. None the less, thanks to thorough, material based investigation, the contradiction was clear to us and we acted accordingly,” explains Chief Mouhamadou.

The Secretary General continued “This contradiction is one of the highest priorities to the leadership of the organization” said the Secretary General, “We are not carrying those colonial contradictions into our liberated world, and the start of refusing to carry those colonial contradictions into our liberated world is refusing to organize with them—is refusing to give even an inch of leeway. That is why, at the Black Hammer Organization, we recognize these contradictions for what they are, we expose them for what they are, and get rid of them before they deepen.”

The live stream then opened up to a general Q & A.

Are you naming the predator?

In our experience, predators will name themselves. In the interests of the victim, we are not releasing the name of the predator, but if they want to expose themselves we will continue to expose them.

What is your process for choosing the people who join Black Hammer?

If you colonized, bring your ass up in here!

And if you’re saying “do we vet people”—no. We all got colonial contradictions. This is where you come to wash yourself of them. We will not turn you away, but if we see that shit, and you don’t stop that shit, and you are unwilling to stop that shit, you got to go.

What is being changed to address the security contradiction, other than expulsion?

This person has been added to our list of “high risk, high alert” people. It should be said that predators are good at being manipulative. No matter how many systems you put in place to target manipulative people, they are always going to work to slip through the cracks. It’s the revolutionary work we do that exposes everything. It becomes evident through the work what your priorities are.

That’s why it’s laid out in our manual: take these relationships to your direct, mutual leadership. The colony thrives on secrets because predators prey in the darkness. We want to expose these things to the light.

How can relationships be kept safe, organizationally speaking?

Black Hammer’s organizational policy on subjective, personal relationships between Comrades says:

If members choose to engage in romantic behavior (talk, sex, dating, etc.) the involved members’ first immediate mutual leadership should be notified. We are fully aware we all grown. We are also fully aware how colonial power dynamics of age, nation, wealth, ability, gender, sexuality etc. can and do play out in our relationships—romantic or otherwise. Leadership does not need to peep every interpersonal contradiction between romantically involved comrades; however, when leadership is aware that there is more than just a comradely relationship taking place, we can avoid such interpersonal contradictions festering mysteriously into contradictions that interrupt our work.

When nobody knows about your relationship, it opens up the opportunity for the power dynamics to be manipulated. Taking it to leadership exposes any internalized colonial contradictions before they escalate. The entirety of the official Black Hammer manual can be downloaded here.

Is there a specific office besides your direct leadership that you can email if there’s an issue?

We have a Grievances Office! All grievances should be submitted to

[email protected]

A written complaint may be submitted at any time. Action will be taken by Organizational Leadership pending review of the emailed written submission, and recommendations made by the Grievance Committee. Members who file a grievance will be designated a point of contact within the Committee, and will be notified that their grievance has been received no later than 24 hours after submission.



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