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America Hopes to Regain #1 Status by Forcing India to go to War with China!

Commander in Chief Gazi, Chief of the Black Hammer Organization

Black Power is rising and White Power is falling! The united snakkkes is on a sharp decline politically, economically, domestically, and all of her white power allies are following fast. That doesn’t keep good ol’ amerikkka away from its cold war tactics with China though!

Quite the opposite. Coronavirus and civil unrest are both whooping amerikkka’s ass, making the imperialist perpetrator even more untamed, like a wet cat trapped in a corner clawing and biting at air!

The u.s. has always conducted these Cold War tactics against China, to keep China from replacing it as the most powerful nation in the world.

After White World War II, amerikkka replaced the united kingdom as the Chieftain of global imperialism. The greatest threat to its new status as “king of the world” was the Soviet Union, and so amerikkka began its Cold War with the USSR in 1947, lasting all the way to 1991. Some would argue (correctly) that the Cold War between amerikkka and Russia still exists today.

In modern times, however, there is no doubt that the united snakkkes sees its greatest competitor in China. Every presidential nominee since the ‘80s has presented a plan to keep China underneath the thumb of amerikkka.

Donald Trump’s entire 2016 campaign on foreign policy centered around “defeating China once and for all” because, in his mind, the Obama administration allowed China to become too powerful.

Donald’s first attack on China was a trade war. His administration hoped to make China completely dependent on western consumerism, and to cut China’s economic ties with nations outside of amerikkka’s control (i.e Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc). Donald’s favored weapon in this Trade War has been tariffs policy.

These are policies which aim to make imported goods from China more expensive with the hope of driving Chinese businesses into the red. The Trump administration has imposed tariffs on more than $360 billion (£268 billion) worth of Chinese goods, and China has retaliated with tariffs on more than $110 billion worth of u.s. products.

Washington delivered three rounds of tariffs in 2018, and a fourth in September of last year. The most recent round of tariffs targeted Chinese imports (everything from meat to musical instruments!) with a 15% duty, or tax. China hit back with it’s own tariffs, ranging from 5% to as high as 25%, on u.s. goods.

Long story short, these Trade War tactics hurt american farmers more than China’s businesses. Over 80% of the 693 farmers in Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota said the Trade War had an adverse effect on their farm’s net income. The largest farms in amerikkka reported that their income dropped by over 20%.

Once the White House saw that the trade war flopped, they moved to creating a coup in Hong Kong to hurt China’s economy. Thanks to Lebron James and Chinese diplomacy, the coup failed. Donald decided, since they couldn’t stage a successful coup in China, amerikkka would have a successful coup with one of China’s great economic partners—Bolivia.

The 2019 coup in Bolivia cut China off from its rich resources, including lithium, which is not currently dominated by western white powers. The White House also tried this same tactic in Venezuela, another one of China’s economic partners, but failed. amerikkka got so desperate they tried multiple invasions, which all failed.

Since the global spread of COVID-19, it has been clear to the world that China is leading the way to fighting the disease worldwide. China went into Africa, the Middle East, South America and parts of Europe, giving aid and leadership on fighting against the deadly virus.

It’s hard to find a country that hasn’t fought back Coronavirus without China’s help. Even amerikkka has to admit that without China’s help they would have been unable to solve the problem of supplying masks to their health professionals and citizens. This is a devastating attack against amerikkka’s image of lordship over the world.

On top of these horrific, and very public losses in the war against Coronavirus, the united snakkkes has been hit with civil unrest! The public lynching of George Floyd has awakened the sleeping giant of the Black Power Movement.

African and Colonized people trapped within the plantation of the u.s. have begun to burn down the crops of colonialism-capitalism. The timing couldn’t have been worse for amerikkka, who is stumbling for economic balance after Coronavirus demolished its petrodollar and employment rates.

How is China doing during the Coronavirus?

Well, it is struggling like every other nation, but compared to amerikkka’s dying economy China is soaring. To be exact, China is only 8 Trillion away from eclipsing the American Economy.

Even experts say that for amerikkka to stay #1 they should invest in China and drop this Trade War, but the white house would rather ignite a possible World War III, using India as their cannon fodder.

The neocolonialist petty-bourgeois puppet government of India has made it very clear to the world that it is a happy and willing servant to the Trump Administration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India-Amerikkka ties have deepened significantly under donald’s presidency, and that there is a new chapter in bilateral ties between the two countries. He said donald’s visit to India with his family shows strong ties between India and the u.s.

“Ties between India and the u.s. are no longer just another partnership. It is far greater and a closer relationship. Our partnership cannot just contribute to the stability of the Indo-Pacific region, but also contribute towards resolving many other global affairs,”

Prime-Sellout Minister Modi was laying out being a crash dummy for amerikkka’s China problem.

India has now engaged in a senseless war game against the most active-duty military in the world all over some inhabitable land in the Himalayan mountains just to drag China into a proxy war that could kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent poor Colonized people.

The united snakkkes have been revving up for this attack. The White House has been assisting India in bulking up their military for a while now, giving Indian troops extensive military training and weapons of mass destruction. Pumping India up to drag China into a long-standing military struggle that will have negative effects on China’s economy.
A new milestone was reached last week in the growing u.s.-India partnership when nearly 2,000 troops from the two countries completed a military exercise in the Bay of Bengal. About 500 Marines and sailors aboard the dock landing ship Germantown joined roughly 1,200 Indian troops for Exercise Tiger Triumph. It was the first time all of India’s military services, including the army, navy and air force, participated in a training exercise with u.s. troops.

The puppet government of India has already made military strikes against China in the Himalayan Mountains this week which concluded in the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

What had prompted this attack? India claims China built a tent that crossed its borders and that is what motivated them to attack. No satellite images, maps, or any proof has been released for this ominous tent.

Narendra Modi made sure to parade the corpses of the fallen Indian soldiers all over Indian TV, News Papers, and Radio. Igniting a reactionary anger, aimed at China, in the people of India.

The people of India, who are suffering from a neocolonial economy operated by leaders like Modi, who has more blood on his hands than 20 soldiers. Leaders like Modi, allow western white power nations to loot India’s natural resources and labor. Leaving the people of India into a downward spiral of poverty.

Now, instead of being upset about these sellouts and colonizers who have left the people of India defenseless against Coronavirus, they are upset with China. Mobilized by this reactionary anger and ready to fight the war, amerikkka needs to save their undeserved position as world leader.

A conflict of this magnitude would surely take China off of its obvious trajectory of knocking amerikkka off its throne of being the world’s global economic leader. The White House, DJT, the Republican Party, Joseph Biden and the Democratic Party are all in unity with this plan of stunting China’s economic growth at the expense of possibly millions of lives. This means so much to the white house that they meet about this conflict multiple times a day, have cut down their Coronavirus task force by 50%, and shrunk the Coronavirus meeting schedule from daily to once every two weeks.

If China is successful in creating a new world economy that isn’t dictated by the united snakes of amerikkka, it will make it impossible for amerikkka to have totalitarianism over the world’s natural resources; a control over the world the u.s. has enjoyed since The White World War IIwhich is its only saving grace from a depleting economy destined for Great Depression. This will turn the united snakes into an underdeveloped country much like the ones they have created in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

We as Colonized people must fight against the hegemony of the united snakes and against imperialist wars that put the lives of Colonized people at risk for the spoils of billionaires.

African and Colonized people in amerikkka must continue to rise up against pig violence and colonial domination of white power we face every day! We must understand that a bleak future for our oppressor is a bright future for us!

Their end is our beginning. Let’s continue to bring their end from the future into the present!

Join Black Hammer and smash the world of the old while building the world the new! Where no one lives at the expense of another!

Black Power!



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