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Minnesota Freedom Fund is run by heartless colonizers

Chief Sante, Black Hammer Times Staff

The Minnesota Freedom Fund was called out for its lack of action in bailing out protesters despite receiving $35 million in donations amid the George Floyd protests.

As their CashApp and GoFundMe circled social media for weeks, only $200 thousand was spent on bail. Thus leaving our colonized siblings remain locked in cages by the pigs.

One thing we know as poor and working Black and Colonized folks is: don’t play with our money!

It is no coincidence that the campaign is run by a small team of white colonizers. They even tried to hide this fact by removing the team info from their website, but it still can be found. Colonizers have notoriously hidden under the veil of “allyship” while, at the same time, profiting from our suffering.

Their mission statement reads:

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.”

Despite this “non-profit” being solely focused on paying criminal bail and immigration bonds, they have failed to do so.

Being “overwhelmed” by the amount of support is a pathetic excuse to the overwhelming number of Black and Colonized people being incarcerated on the daily, even before the protests.

On the website to request for a bail fund, there is a vetting process involved which hinders people from being assisted in a timely manner.

Some claim to have been able to raise enough bail money through a personal GoFundMe sooner than the Freedom Fund could provide any help.

The worst enemy that Colonized folks have are the colonizers who run around drooling and disingenuously professing their love for our people, begging for our sympathy and allegiance. Anything the liberal colonizer does is for their own advancement, protection and progress.

Dear Minnesota Freedom Fund, it isn’t enough to say “we’re working on it” after being called out. Give the money back to Colonized people who are actively fighting for our liberation.

There is no time left for you to figure out where this money ends up, but it certainly shouldn’t be in your pockets.

No, we won’t be “on the lookout” for how you spend this money and try to beg you colonizers for some.

The Black Hammer Organization was able to pass out more than 30,000 masks worldwide with nothing compared to what you have.

We are a group of poor and working class Colonized people fighting for our humanity, and there’s no way that we’d sit on $35 million and do nothing while our people are at war.

No excuses! The revolution will be coming for you.

Black Power!



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