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DPRK frustrated with Korean sellouts

Comrade Llabbe, Black Hammer Times Staff,

SEOUL, south Korea — On Sunday, south Korea convened an emergency security meeting and urged the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, commonly referred to as north Korea) to uphold reconciliation agreements, hours after the DPRK threatened to demolish a liaison office and take military action against the united snakkkes.

While nuclear talks with the u.s. remain deadlocked, the DPRK seeks to preserve its independence from Japanese and amerikkkan imperialism colonialism, won by the Workers’ Party of Korea, in holding steadfast the international strategy of Juche and socialism.

The DPRK has been vigorously fighting for relief in the face of harsh amerikkkan led sanctions for decades; yet, even after these crippling acts of white power imperialism and colonialism the DPRK still provides for its people what the united snakkkes could never.

Kim Yo Jung leads struggle against sellouts

Kim Yo Jung, the first vice director of the United Front Department and sister to leader Kim Jong Un, says Seoul will soon witness “a tragic scene of the useless North-South liaison office (in north Korea) being completely collapsed.”

Seoul’s failure to prevent activists from launching anti-DPRK propaganda leaflets across their borders has dissolved trust for mutual cooperation and unity. The DPRK is deeply frustrated that south Korea hasn’t made progress in its nuclear talks with the colonial empire of amerikkka.

The negotiations have made little progress since a second summit between Kim Jong Un and donald trump in early 2019 fell apart because of disputes over how many of the stifling sanctions imposed by white power should be lifted in return for dismantling the DPRK’s main nuclear complex.

Kim also pushed south Korea to resume the operations of the two primary inter-Korean projects — a factory park and a tourism site, both in north Korea — but was unable to do so due to the restrictions from sanctions.

As the coronavirus(a.k.a colonialvirus) pandemic forced the DPRK to close its border with China, its biggest trading partner, the struggle for economic self-determination still continues to be fought. All the while the DPRK has since reported not a single outbreak of the colonialvirus.

Colonized sellouts beg for white power

Neocolonial sell-outs of the Republic of Korea fail to stand up to the u.s. because they are a part of the sell-out class of Korean bourgeoise that would rather let their people live in the hell that is poverty in order for them to live a life of over-abundance off the backs of working class Koreans’ labor.

Similarly, Colonized artists like Shakira and celebrities like Jay-Z choose the wealth and influence of white power that is built from the blood of colonized people rather than fight for revolution.

The path of the DPRK is one where the workers have dictatorship over their land, labor, resources and lives. It is this which grants them liberation from colonial-capitalism—freedom from living at the expense of others.

That is the same dictatorship Black Hammer Organization seeks to build among all Colonized people—to build Black Power a power that is the antithesis, the contradiction, to the oppressive white power led by united snakkkes of amerikkka.

Black Power!




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