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Utah Rebellion Interviews


Interviews by Comrade Anco & Comrade Jin

Utah Hammers went to some protests happening in Salt Lake City and interviewed Black and Colonized people who went to show their support.

Comrade Anco: Hello everyone. We are going to talk about the experience of being black in Utah. This is Frankie. Why have you come to the protest today?

Frankie: I’m here because it’s a really heavy time for myself as a black woman. And i mean for the Black community. It’s coming to a head. Time and time again. The SAME SITUATION. The anti-blackness is thick as mud.

So, I’m here to show support. I’m here to let the unity out, the frustration that’s inside. Living in Utah is one of the most challenging places for a Black person to live. We have to use our voices and speak out against all that we see is happening. The historical manifestations of the violence against black bodies is absolutely painful. This is painful for us, so we are here to express our frustrations.

Comrade Anco: As your experience as a Black person compared to other people, do you see the progress over the last two years get any grounding or have things been regressing?

Frankie: I’m finding more Black people in Utah; I’m finding more calls for unity of people of color in Utah. I have to admit I’m not around white people that much. So, I can’t speak on whether they are accepting us more. But I can say we are banding together more.

Comrade Anco: I’m here Interviewing Carter. Tell me about why you’re here today, what all this means and your experience growing up as a Black person in Utah.

Carter: I’m here to protest the fucking brutality and murders of Black people in the street in the united states of fucking america. Growing up in Utah, I’ve always been discredited, looked down upon.

I’ve always felt less than all the peers around me. People have constantly bullied me, made fun of me, belittled me because of my race; gave me excuses for why I shouldn’t be who I am and discredited me and other Black people.

People in Utah do not consider me to be human. It’s been shit and it’s about Goddamn time they, as ignorant as people are, learn that there are people below them and they have to do what they can to help us out.

Comrade Jin: I’m here interviewing Immanuel. What are your views on the police?

Immanuel: I’ve been beat up by the cops several times after the riots by 10 cops. They put the cuffs so tight on my wrist they started to swell, they bounced my head off the pavement. A lot of these cops know me by name ‘cause they fucked me up. I don’t think this may change anything, I think these guys need a fair share of violence. That’s what I think.

When we rioted and got the national guard got in, that really sent a message to those guys. They weren’t prepared. They called in Sundance PD, Ogden PD, Park City PD, and the SWAT. And it’s because a 1000 people said they were fed up. To them they’re just babysitting us. I’m really waiting for a moment to get these cops to have a taste of their own medicine.

Black Power!



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