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State of the Rebellion: What to demand from the pigs

Chief Turey, Chief of the Black Hammer Times

Liberal politicians, and sell out orgs like BLM, are calling for “police reform”, and so far, “police reform” looks identical to what the pigs always do when colonized people take to the streets—tear gas, shooting journalists in the eye, and any other pig tactics they learned from the IDF.

Only now, the hailstorm of bullets comes when the sun goes down, as if a curfew was a restraint on the pigs, and not another chain wrapped tight around colonized communities.

Black Hammer, as revolutionary leaders meeting the colonized masses on the streets, must brush aside these liberal fantasies and put out a call for real change.

Material Change

After witnessing first-hand the reactionary state of colonialism on the ground, Black Hammer is putting out a list of concrete, material demands:

1) Exclusive rights of poor and working class colonized communities to their own Community Patrols. The pigs are an organized form of military occupation, not protection, and we want them out of colonized neighborhoods! The curfews will only tighten around our necks unless we organize to protect our own communities.

2) The immediate creation of Democratic Neighborhood Councils within poor and working class colonized neighborhoods, made up exclusively of local colonized people, and with the highest authority over the hiring and firing of the pigs. If the pigs need a boot to lick to keep their petty jobs, they beg to lick the boots of working class colonized people!

3) Reparations from corporations, and local businesses. Capitalist businesses owe reparations in the form of donations, food, offices to centralize our community power, labor, and distribution. Everything that the “essential” worker is forced to do under threat of starvation, the Capitalist should do for us under threat of rebellion. The small capitalist is just as ready to shoot poor and working class colonized people to protect their private interests. They can either contribute to the revolution, or mark themselves as enemies of the people.

Organization is power

Right now, the roles of reactionary pigs and the colonized masses are being reversed: it’s our knee on their necks. And the only way we keep it there is to join a revolutionary organization.

With the power of organization, a revolutionary walks with 10,000 comrades at their shoulder. As revolutionaries, when we take to the streets we must seize the chance to take our demands straight to the pigs.

These demands will never come unless we wield our power. The pigs have power because they are organized, so our only solution is to out organize the pigs.

Joining meetings, and passing out PPE to thousands of colonized people should be the least of their worries!

Join Black Hammer!

Black Power!




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