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Colonialvirus deaths tops 100,000 in the us

by Comrade Llabbe, Black Hammer Times Staff

The New York Times devotes entire front page to the 100,000 victims of Coronavirus (colonialvirus) in amerikkka.

The colonialvirus is a tool of the white power structure to attack poor and working class colonized people, and especially the enemies of colonizer states around the world.

Behind the empty talk of public safety, the u.s. aggression toward China and Iran show what the colonizer’s true priorities are. China was allegedly the first country hit by the COVID-19, and Iran was soon overwhelmed by the virus due to deadly u.s. sanctions on medical supplies. In both cases, the u.s. took yet another opportunity to exploit the deaths of thousands of colonized people to maintain it’s global supremacy of the colonial empire.

As the colonialvirus spread, the u.s., led by Trump, took every opportunity to attack Venezuela and China, two of it’s targets in the modern Cold War.

Trump also spread lies about injecting disinfectants and taking hydroxy chloroquine as a treatment, which is NOT an effective treatment. Coincidentally, Trump owns a share of stocks in the pharmaceutical corporation that makes the drug.

White nationalism expected the nations under its boot to keep subservient, to crumble under this virus. Instead, it was the u.s. which surpassed the rest of the world in both COVID-19 cases, and related deaths. It was the “universal healthcare model” of Italy and other European nations which was quickly overwhelmed by Coronavirus, despite the white nationalist media’s attempts to fool people. NATO, a gang of European colonizer states and their puppets in the Global South, consistently believed their own bullshit, even as every foundation of the white power bloc of Colonialism shook under the pandemic.

By placing short term profits above the lives of poor and working class colonized people, Colonialvirus exposed the many cracks that have existed in the system from the beginning. Since January 2020, Dr. Fauci of the united snakes, also known as the man who pushed the AIDS epidemic into the African community, was lifted up as the so-called savior of humanity even as the u.s. became the global epicenter of coronavirus cases and deaths.

Meanwhile, China and Cuba have effectively curbed the spread and even started to focus on helping others.

While there is irony in u.s. failing to stop its own colonialvirus, the tragedy is the victims are principally African and colonized people who are sacrificed to the stock market as “essential workers”.

20,000 African people in the united snakkkes have died from coronavirus— this colonial virus must stop.

In Black Hammer, we are educating our people through social media on how to grow their own food, how to provide local and international disaster relief, and how to raise the consciousness of working class colonized people worldwide.

For the poor and working class colonized readers in the united snakkkes please consider joining to serve the colonized people in your community with life-saving PPE. Fill out the form for your area of stolen land.

Donate to our CashApp, $bhdisasterrelief, and to our gofundme to push the struggle forward.

Black Power!



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