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Colonialism Attacks Black Trans people during Quarantine

Comrade Llabbe, Black Hammer Times Staff

Colonialism has many forms. Colonial gender roles are one of these sinister tools used to justify violence against African and Colonized people. Colonialism brought the brutal beating on Iyanna Dior—because of who she is: an African trans woman.

On June 1, soon after a Minneapolis pig assassinated George Floyd, Dior went out to see what she could do to help her siblings. She then got into a fender bender, which resulted in 30 cis men attacking her and beating up in a convenience store. After surviving this violence, with injuries, Dior is asking for donations thru her cashapp, $IyannaDIO

Similarly, colonialism produced the pig that shot Tony McDade. Tony McDade was murdered by a Tallahassee pig, not for being the suspect of a stabbing, but for being who he was: an African trans man. The pig yelled racial slurs before making himself the judge, jury, and executioner for Mcdade.

Colonial gender has been killing Black and Indigenous people

These instances of colonial brutality are interconnected in a web of systemic violence which can be traced back to how gender roles came to this continent and were enforced upon colonized people.

For thousands of years, colonized nations all over the world have celebrated their GSN siblings, and in many instance, revered them as godlike.

In Egypt, Uganda, Congo, India, within the Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island, all over the world, colonized nations have upheld GSN people as invaluable members of society, and as political leaders. It was this deep foundation of social unity which was attacked during the invasion of European colonizers.

The Protestant and Catholic Christian traditions were enforced on the Indigenous people of this land, as well as on the African diaspora forced into slavery. While many African people were able to create a narrative and religious connection to the story of Jesus, which was not rooted in selling out or being submissive to the colonized religious teachings, many more were duped by the religion’s effect of keeping people enslaved to the colonizing population of settlers.

Christians use the story of Adam and Eve to teach colonized women that their independence and pleasure are shameful and that men are justified in disciplining women with violence. Our colonial capitalist system teaches that Mary Magdalene, a sex worker, simply repented and stopped sinning. Christian morality has colonized the minds of millions to believe that to be godlike is a a quality that is exclusive to a cisgender person.

Masculinity, on it’s own, wasn’t the issue when this pig killed Tony McDade, or when a group of cis men beat on Iyanna Dior. It is colonial masculinity that must be overturned.

Black Hammer builds colonized liberation through dictatorship

Black Hammer doesn’t want to reform the pigs; we don’t want college-educated pigs, or African pigs, or queer pigs; we don’t want to beg the pigs to stop killing our colonized siblings; we want to abolish all white power everywhere.

Black Hammer wants to build a system that defends ourselves and build a nation with dictatorship over our land, labor, lives, and resources.

We hold Colonialism guilty, as the root of all violence against our gender nonconforming siblings, which guides the hand of the pigs, and puppeteers the minds of our colonized siblings who attack us. In the system we’re building, no one lives at the expense of another, including our gender non conforming siblings. And we will make colonialism pay for all it has done.

Justice for our GSN siblings!

Land Back!

Black Power!

Check out our Chief of the Western Region on Black Hammer Organization’s Facebook at 7PM EST; Chief Afeni will be discussing the Revolutionary contributions of gay rights activist Marsha P Johnson!



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