Meet Comrade Saint, the trans revolutionary sidelined by Black Lives Matter

This interview is a slight departure from our past series of interviews showcasing the chiefs in the Black Hammer Organization. With this interview, The Black Hammer Times sat down with one of our own members, Comrade Saint, to hear about his experiences in Black Lives Matter and how his life experiences as a trans person dealing with homelessness shaped his political development led to joining the Black Hammer Organization.

As some basics, what nation do you represent and what are your pronouns?

I represent the nations of Africa and indigenous nations of Blackfoot & Cherokee. My pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Were you always political, or was there a point where you got radicalized?

It started when the pigs killed Eric Garner in 2014. My uncle lived around the corner from him. Just like Eric, my uncle used to sell loosies – individual cigarettes. The more I got to know Eric through my uncle’s stories, the more angry and hurt I felt about his death. Continue reading “Meet Comrade Saint, the trans revolutionary sidelined by Black Lives Matter”

Coronavirus hits Africans 20 times harder in Maine, whitest state in the u.s.

Comrade Aleja, Black Hammer Times staff,

Of all 50 snakkkes of the u.s., Maine has the highest rate of Coronavirus infections amongst African people. At the same time, Maine has the lowest infection rates amongst colonizers in the country.

The grim truths about African and colonized people can always be explained when the core contradiction, colonialism, is understood. We are being targeted, our neighborhoods strategically looted of the resources needed to survive a pandemic, and our loved ones forced onto plantations to keep the engines of this bloody economy from seizing and dying. Continue reading “Coronavirus hits Africans 20 times harder in Maine, whitest state in the u.s.”

Shut up and dribble: Revolutionary demands for basketball players

Comrade Nick, Black Hammer Times Staff,

As a league comprised of around 75% African players, professional basketball, like most professional sports in amerikkka, unquestionably draws many parallels to slavery.

These parallels rear their ugly heads in the owner-player relationship. Players are literally bought and sold by these teams as property, constantly being referred to as assets by sports media. Continue reading “Shut up and dribble: Revolutionary demands for basketball players”

Sloppy Joe’s top 12 ain’t shit

Comrade Hash, Black Hammer Times Staff,

Colonizer Joe Biden promised he will pick a woman to be his running mate and vice president for the 2020 presidential election, but the jig is up “touchy Joe.”

The 2016 presidential election was supposed to be a win for Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party, but white women in amerikkka pranced down to their local voting centers draped in white supremacy and voted for Donald Trump. Much like the Hillary Clinton fiasco, Joe Biden’s choice is not likely to significantly change the perspective of white women. As white bougie colonizers, they largely vote based on their racial and economic interests. Continue reading “Sloppy Joe’s top 12 ain’t shit”

Making Space For Autism In The Revolution

Comrade Saint, Black Hammer Times Staff,

Currently in amerikkka, African people have to deal with systematic oppression on every level. For Colonized African people it means dealing with systematic and social oppression on the basis of neurodivergency.

African autistic people pose a threat to white supremacy because they cannot be exploited easily. Continue reading “Making Space For Autism In The Revolution”

Colombia chooses imperialism over International Cooperation

Comrade Aleja, Black Hammer Times Staff,

The government of Colombia is one of famed colonizer Christopher Colombus. With a settler-colonial government ruled by the white landowning elite, Colombia is similar to Brazil and Argentina as well as to amerikkka.

Mao’s quote, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” is shown materially in Colombia’s political history. It was this day in 2013 that Colombia started talks with NATO to secure a seat at the table. Political violence against the white power republic, such as la violencia of 1948, was waged by rural coast dwellers of African and First Nations people seeking to overturn colonial capitalism in the form of NATO. Continue reading “Colombia chooses imperialism over International Cooperation”

J. Cole vs. Noname

Comrade Sarahì, Black Hammer Times Staff,

Chicago rapper Noname has expressed her journey to radical thought and has used her celebrity platform as a means to educate the masses. More than that, she created her own book club – Noname’s Book Club.

Recently, she called out class contradictions with a tweet that challenged Black bourgeois male rappers that have remained silent despite their musical facade of “wokeness”. She did not call out any rapper in particular but rather criticized Black male celebrities for their lack of revolutionary activism during the ongoing struggle for Black liberation.

Continue reading “J. Cole vs. Noname”

I don’t give a damn who burned down that Wendy’s

Chief Alyx, Chief of Black Hammer Times

Twitter has, once again, done the job of the pigs.

Just a few days after the lynching of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot, the internet was awash with news of that same Wendy’s being set on fire as an act of retaliation.

Almost like clockwork, African and Colonized people on social media sunk back into a now familiar conversation. A conversation of so-called ‘legitimate,’ peaceful protesters being sabotaged by outside agitators. Continue reading “I don’t give a damn who burned down that Wendy’s”

The Kafala System: The Anti-Black Racism of Colonial Sellout Arabs

Comrade Hash, Black Hammer Times Staff,

In Beirut, Lebanon, one of the most “liberal” countries in the Middle East, thousands of African women have been thrown out onto the streets.

In October 2019 economic issues began to surface. With the onset of Coronavirus, the currency suffered a 50% devaluation in the span of a year. Protesters have demonstrated for months, even going so far as to burn down several banks.

Throughout all this, thousands of bougie Arab homeowners have shown their vile racism by stranding the most oppressed people in their society, African women who work as migrant domestic workers. Continue reading “The Kafala System: The Anti-Black Racism of Colonial Sellout Arabs”

The white man cometh: israel and the u.s. team up to loot land from Palestine

Comrade Aleja, Black Hammer Times Staff,

Colonial capitalism is the antithesis of peace and is constantly looking for a way to justify the violence it perpetuates. It is at times when the enemy appears to be at its strongest when they are actually at their weakest.

The Palestinian nation is under attack once again by the united snakkkes and israel. Two nations founded by white power’s desire to loot the land of Colonized people.

Continue reading “The white man cometh: israel and the u.s. team up to loot land from Palestine”