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The International Human Rights Defence Committee Joins the fight against Black Genocide!

By Comrade Ellis,  Black Hammer Times Staff

This morning, the Vice president of International Human Rights Committee, Alexander Ionov, released a statement calling for justice for George Floyd and all Colonized people (aka “people of color”), who have died at the hands of White Power Colonial terrorism (aka america’s racist police system).

Comité international pour la protection des droits de l'homme
Seal of CIPDH

The statement highlights there is no place for the genocide of African and Colonized people (aka Black people and People of color) in the 21st century.

The black genocide,  perpetrated through police violence, ICE Centers(Death Camps), the education system, and the low quality of health services provided during a pandemic.

The International Human Rights Defence Committee see this black genocide as an infringement on international human rights.

International Human Rights Defence Committee statement in regarding to the treacherous murder of our Brother George Floyd and the justified rebellions of Colonized people around the nation.


Alexander Ionov
Alexander Ionov, Vice President of International Human Rights Committee


“Our committee express deep condolences to the relatives of Mr. Floyd, killed as result of violence committed by law enforcement officers.


A commonplace practice of US law enforcement of using violence against African Americans and Latinx is something of great concern.


Hundreds of people die as result of excessive force use by police officers or imprisonment of the ICE centers. This is a direct violation of civil rights of people living in US territory.


There is no place for racism and cruelty in the 21st century! African Americans suffer a lot because of COVID-19 pandemic and low quality medical services provided by federal authorities.


It is imperative to perform investigations of every known murder associated with race intolerance in US soils and bring the culprits to justice.”


With deepest respect, Alexander Ionov, Vice President


Black Hammer sees this international solidarity as a crucial step to bringing a total end to the violence of amerikkkan colonialism.


Black Hammer at SLC PRotest
Black Hammer leading protest in Salt Lake City

Black Hammer will fight against the oppression and genocide of all people on all fronts.

We understand that western white power media will use this act of solidarity and unity from Russia as proof that the Russians are behind these Nation Wide Rebellions against policie violence.


That is Bullshit, what is behind these NationWide Rebellions is a system rooted in colonialism.


A system that has oppressed the black and brown individual since the founding of the so-called new world.

A world built on our backs during slavery, a world soaked in our blood from the trail of tears, a world reliant upon us benign dependent and brutalized, and a world that has denied our power.

The white power media would like you to believe that our communities are not angry and don’t have the power to burn this old system and build a new one.

They would like you to believe it’s a Russian operation that allows for us to be so successful in our rebellion.

They want the white masses to believe that we don’t have this power, that we are docile.

That we don’t understand the language of power, organized violence, and rebellion.


We do understand the language that is and has been spoken to us by the oppressor, we are just deciding now to speak the same language.


Not because we are some type of Russian intervention, but because we are seeds of our ancestors and understand if someone is speaking to you in German, you can’t reply in Spanish.


Malcom X
Malcom X at Rally

Brother Malcolm X, in his speech in 1964,  he said :


“When I listen to Mrs. Hamer, a black woman—could be my mother, my sister, my daughter—describe what they had done to her in Mississippi, I ask myself how in the world can we ever expect to be respected as men when we will allow something like that to be done to our women, and we do nothing about it? How can you and I be looked upon as men with black women being beaten and nothing being done about it, black children and black babies being beaten and nothing being done about it? No, we don’t deserve to be recognized and respected as men as long as our women can be brutalized in the manner that this woman described, and nothing being done about it, but we sit around singing “We Shall Overcome.”
 We need a Mau Mau. If they don’t want to deal with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, then we’ll give them something else to deal with. If they don’t want to deal with the Student Nonviolent Committee, then we have to give them an alternative. Never stick someone out there without an alternative or we waste our time. Give them this or give them that. Give them the choice between this or that.”


Malcom X was not a Russian operative nor was Nat turner.

They were brilliant men aware of their conditions and sought to change them by any means necessary.

George Floyd, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This is not the Russians, this is a calculated response and rebellion to the thousands of years of oppression, brutality, and subjection our people have faced since the founding of this “new world”.

These rebellions are for the lives of millions and against the oppressive system rooted in colonialism, which has perpetrated genocides on our culture, our history, our minds, and our bodies.

This rebellion is simply us saying enough is enough, and there will be no peace and until we have justice.

We thank organizations like the International Human Rights Committee for condemning the u.s. genocidal project against Black and Indigenous people. We are asking other international community members and organizations to put pressure on the u.s. and open an investigation into its human rights abuses. The criminal activities of the u.s. will come to an end!


Join the fight today


if you’re not white, join Black Hammer.


If you’re White Pay Reparations! DONATE!



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