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Cuba Sent 2000 Healthcare Workers to Fight Coronavirus

by Comrade Sante, Black Hammer Times Staff

Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Cuba and other socialist countries have answered the call to action.

From Africa to the Middle East and Latin America, Cuban emergency medical response teams were ready to help.

Cuba is one of the few countries to have shown true and genuine internationalism for the good of humanity. Cuba is known to have the highest doctor-to-patient ratio in the world, with 9 doctors for every 1000 citizens.

Yet despite all the good Cuba has demonstrated, the united snakkkes turned its back on their help.

Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo,  slandered Africa for accepting help from Cuba, incorrectly saying that the Communist-led island is exploiting its medics for profit.

Sound familiar? Pompeo is making up lies about Cuba based on what’s happening in the u.s.

It’s in the u.s. where colonized healthcare workers need to work three jobs alongside  their full-time healthcare job to make ends meet. All while the white power healthcare businesses make huge profits.

It’s in the u.s. where over 20% of hospitals are for-profit which means that your health isn’t their number one priority.

While Cuban doctors and their families receive pay from the government as they fight Coronavirus abroad, amerikkkan healthcare workers are overworked, underpaid, and can’t afford healthcare themselves.

In Cuba, every citizen has universal healthcare and free education. As a result, it has produced some of the world’s best rated doctors. The Cuban healthcare system focuses on preventive medicine and community care, as opposed to profit making by waiting for people to get sick. It’s simple, Cuban healthcare cares for the health of the community, while amerikkkan healthcare cares about their wealth.

While the u.s. treats its patients as paying customers to repair their broken bodies under capitalism, Cuba writes healthcare into its own constitution:

“All citizens have the right to life, physical and moral integrity, justice, security, peace, health, education, culture, recreation, sports, and to their holistic development.”

Let us radicalize healthcare and build for the African and Colonized people of the world.

Join the revolution! 

Black Power! 



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