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Only Fans is on the RISE, but Sex Work is still despised!


By Gazi Kodzo, Commander in Chief of Black Hammer

The Black Hammer Instagram @BlackHammerOrg recently reshared an instagram video of an Only Fans Male Model named, Jose Sanchez. Check out his work on his instagram @ThatRicanModel and

Jose recently had a viral video of him jacking off in front of a mirror, it was made instagram safe because the video cropped out his dick. Once the post was made the #WhiteNoise and #WhiteTears arrived at our organization’s front door.

Some haters made the allegation that this post was harmful for minors, which we couldn’t allow ourselves to be offended by.

Since most minors on instagram follow white Kylie Jenner, who has posted pictures with her ass, pussy lip print in her panties, and sheer white shirts where you can see her nipples.

Not to mention the many pictures and videos of her and her Rapper/Baby Daddy Travis Scott in sexual positions, like they having sex.

Last but not least let’s not act like Instagram isn’t the center of all ass, titty, and dick print pictures of the world.

As I write, there is a challenge going around of men balancing shampoo bottles off their dick prints. I love the challenge!  Check it out when you have time, it’s all over instagram.

Comrades in my organization called me with concerns about how we as an organization view sex work.


They were concerned that we are too open and accepting of sex workers and the idea of sex work lasting after the revolution.

They said that they believe that sex work is naturally oppressive, because sex work involves forfeiting consent for money.

The exchange of money for sex is not the core contradiction of the oppressive nature of sex work.

The oppressive nature of the money exchange is found in the poverty, which the individual sex worker is met with.

The oppressive nature is found in the wealth. which the client of the sex worker is met with.

The oppressive relationship between the sex worker and the client predates their first meeting.

The oppressive relationship predates both of their births. The oppressive nature is found in the core of the world’s economic system which is Colonialism.

It is true that all work under colonialism is oppressive. Oppressive because the economic root can only give birth to oppressive branches and leaves.

Our Comrade Ellis Sawyer wrote a beautiful poem about how capitalism is the tree and Colonialism is the root of that tree. So let’s say that all jobs are the leaves of that tree.

These leaves are not identical. Some professions or leaves expose the oppressive nature of the core more than others.

Sex work does not create or even sustain rape culture. Sex work permeates the root of colonialism like all professions, but it does it in a less diluted and more concentrated way.

Culture is nothing, but the reflection of a society’s economic core. It’s way that society produces and reproduces life for itself.

Colonialism is the core of our current worldwide economic system. Colonialism at its core is raping and pillaging, therefore of course we live in a society of raping and pillaging culture.

Black Hammer’s clear political stance on sex work started in our infancy, on the dawn of our launch event.

One of my close friends, Andre Jasper, was supposed to come and present a presentation on fitness and nutrition. He was really excited about the event and that I didn’t give a damn about how he or any poor and working class Colonized person made their money.

Andre, was a no show for the event, this broke my heart. I was unable to get in contact with him before and some days after the event. When I finally got in contact with him, he informed me why he didn’t come.

My friend, Andre, told me he didn’t want people to look down at me or my organization because I was friends with him or because he was a member.

He informed me about how popular he was online and that if there were pictures of us together people, would have their say.

I told him, “I didn’t care and if anyone thought less of him or this organization, that we didn’t want to recruit those people or have their support anyways.

Black Hammer Organization is for the stone poor and working class African and Colonized people! The spat upon and despised masses of the world! To find our hope and pride in the organization, to hold our heads high, and regain our freedom in our interests!”

Twitter: @TiggOleBiddiess

He wasn’t really internalizing the good old Malcolm X speech I was giving him, so I had to show him with action!

Our first big social media project was an interview called Porn and Politics. I had a phenomenal interview with a Black Gay Porn Star, Khi Lavene.

I thought this would show Andre and the world the true class character of Black Hammer. That we do not hold onto any capitalist bourgeoisie morality shit.  

At first Andre was upset that I did the interview. He did not understand why I was so adamant to carry this scarlet letter.

I told him “I wanted to show him and the world that it wasn’t a scarlet letter, but a badge of honor! Of our willingness to struggle and survive in this horrific colonial system, that takes everything from us and lives off of our blood! That the true scarlet letter goes to the Colonizers and their neo-colonial sellouts!”

The true scarlet letters are for those who are active managers and benefactors of this colonial system!

Like Jeff Bezos who is projected to be the world’s first Trillionaire, with his wealth derived from raping and pillaging of colonized resources sold through his website. While, his Colonized workers are forced to work under horrible conditions, which push them closer to death everyday!

The true scarlet letters are for those Colonized Petty Bourgeoisie sellouts that gain their status in society, through their subservient nature to the white ruling class.

For those, like Barack Hussein Obama who dropped more bombs on African and Colonized people than any U.S. president dead or alive. Killing millions of people for the White Ruling Class to have their way with the natural resources.

This is the core function of our economy, Colonialism, which uses that land, lives, and labor of colonized people as loot to enrich their Colonizer Nations.

The United Snakes Military is nothing, but a raping a pillaging machine!

They have strategies and positions in place for conducting the rape of nations they invade.

The United Snakes Military is such a raping and pillaging machine, that  32% of women in the military have reported being raped and 80% have reported some form of sexual harassment.

One of the first and most prominent businesses to pop up after a war has ended are international child support law firms.

These lawyers fly in right after the United Snakes Military leaves. They find tens to thousands of women and girls who were made single mothers because they were raped by these military men.

Of course, the U.S. Military never admits to say “we raped you”, but they do say “we impregnated you at 14, so we will give funds to help you raise the child.”

Of course, the International child support lawyers get most of the money and the clients get barely enough to take care of their child.

This is america! This is Colonialism! This is the stone, which created the ripples of rape culture found in every corner of the world and in every profession.

When you have a society that is sustained through Colonialism, a.k.a raping and pillaging. You have not just a culture of raping and pillaging, but an education system, entertainment system, and even organized religion that permeates the core oppressive relationship.

Who do our children learn about in school and hold high as heroes and forefathers?

Christopher Columbus, a raper and pillager.

George Washington, a raper and pillager!

Abraham Lincoln, a raper and pillager!

Queen Elizabeth the second, a raper and pillager!

Barack Obama, a raper and pillager!

Donald Trump, a raper and pillager!

What does the media consistently tell us one way or another:

“Get money, fuck bitches!”, “Get that bag, trap that nigga!” , and “I’m a boss bitch, you’re a worker bitch!”

It’s all about taking what you believe should be individually owned by you and dehumanizing those in our way or that are affected by your capitalist neo-colonial behavior! aka Raping! Pillaging!

The church and religion has countless stories of not judging other people.

Even sex workers like Marry Magdalene, were supposed to be given a loving smile and a helping hand!

The Bible is plentiful with stories showing not to disdain and demean others, but the Church despises sex work and sex workers! While, priest are allowed to travel the world funded by the tithes of their congregation to rape and molest children.

It’s simple, if you have a raping and pillaging base (oppressive), then everything stemming from it will be. Everything!

Rape culture comes from the economic base of colonialism.

Rape culture, does not come from sex work itself, but from the system which all work in this society is built ontop of!

Therefore, once we have a true anti-colonial revolution lead by and in the interest of the colonized poor and working class. We will produce a core economic system that exists and functions to oppress no one.

This core system will inform our new world, society, education, culture, and professions. Meaning all things, including sex work, will be given a makeover.

A makeover, that will permeate freedom, not oppression.

In Colonialism, the White bourgeoisie gets everything it wants! This everything, first and foremost includes bodies of African and Colonized people. Christopher Columbus raped and murdered native people before pillaging their resources. Raping always come before the pillaging.

The current Colonizer Class, can’t have unquestioned access to Colonized bodies sexually. If that profession has laws of protection,a society, and a culture that highlights and respects it.

The way you can disrespect, demean, abuse and even get away with the murder of a sex work you can’t do to a doctor. Doctors are held up and protected by Laws and they are viewed positively in society.

A Sex worker, in this society and culture, is not only deemed not worthy to protect by the Colonial Government, but is deemed not worthy of protection by their own community and are always disowned by their family members.

Making sex workers vulnerable, isolated, demonized, and easy pickings for those in our society who wish to practice the raping and pillaging of Christopher Columbus on African and Colonized human bodies.

Democratic Party Donor and Advisor Ed Buck (right) who killed Gemmel Moore (left)

In pre-colonial African and Indigenous cultures around the world Sex Workers were upheld and respected like Doctors and Spiritual Advisors.

Sex work was, seen as, a necessary health profession to sustain and produce a human and civilization that was mentally robust and well.

Black Hammer Organization and I would hope other Anti-Colonial organizations are focused on creating a state, which protects the freedom of people and not the control of people.

There has always been sex work and there always will be sex work. Our job as the leaders of our people is to form an organization of power, which protects our people’s ability to be free.

The many forms and practices that will be created by human beings will be confusing for many. Because no one is able to understand everything.

Everyone should understand that our life is to do what we want with it as long as we don’t oppress others.

The economic base will be freedom. Therefore, the society will be freedom, the culture will be freedom, and the state apparatus will protect the new status quo of freedom!

In our new world where the Colonized working class are the only class. We will have an economic base, that provides for everyone equally.

We will have an economic system that gives everyone what they need. This will be the core of the world! Not raping and pillaging, but FREEDOM AND SHARING!

Our state apparatus will be built to protect that status quo of freedom and sharing. A rape culture can’t survive in our future society.

We will have a violent arm of the state that makes sure to crush those that rape and pillage! We will have an education system that holds up Freedom and Sharing and despises raping and pillaging!

Same with the media and same with religion! If they don’t, they cannot exist in our new world.

When we live in a society where your needs are automatically met and someone says I want to be a sex worker. The Government of Freedom and Sharing doesn’t have the right/ability to say “no”. We only have the right/ability to tell and  supply them with a contract to give their clients that set their individual boundaries and rules. The new world state, will also have the responsibility to give protection to that Sex Worker. We gone be like: “gurl ya need some Security? Cause we got u sis/bruh. So you can do what you need to do with your free life!”

We as African and Colonized working class people must usher in a World where people are free to be themselves as long as they don’t live at expense of others or oppress others.  Be free! Let people be Free! Apart from that do what ever the fuck you want.

Black Hammer aims to create a world where humans can express a freedom that will show the true creative brilliance of human society!

Do not let the limitations of the grossness of capitalism make you think that everything and everyone is gross. Don’t let it limit your view of the future.

Everything is gross in colonialism, because of colonialism.

Mining in Africa is a horrible job that leads to the abuse and death of many adults and children. Does that make Mining a naturally abusive profession? No not at all, it’s the system of colonialism-capitalism that permeates that oppression onto the African miners and the Capitalist mining industry.

Whenever you read about a horrible mining accident, even the whitest and safest mines,  you always find out that the Mining Company knew it was going to happen months even years before and didn’t care, because it is a capitalist company that functions is exploitation not workers safety and rights.

When African and Colonized workers have power over our own land, our lives, and our labor we will create the safest mining conditions!

Sex Work, Mining, and all other forms of work will be freed and forever changed through revolution!

We must, as revolutionaries, demonize the system not the victims or even the profession!

Being anti-colonialism means you are always focused on the root of the tree and you don’t lose focus by fighting the leaves.

Smash Colonialism!

Smash Slander and violence against Sex Workers!

Smash Colonial Bourgeois morality!

The front lines of the Anti-Colonial revolution welcomes ALL Colonized people who want freedom and an end to White Power!



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