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An Interview with Chief Ina on Worldwide Disaster Relief

By Comrade Hash,  Black Hammer Times Staff

The Black Hammer Times sat down with Chief Ina, Chief of Black Hammer Organization’s Disaster Relief Committee & Chief of Campaigns.

Chief Ina is a  member who holds it down, gets a bunch of stuff done and hardly breaks a sweat. With her leadership, Black Hammer Organization (BHO) has been able to coordinate delivering over 10k packages of lifesaving supplies to Black and Colonized people WORLDWIDE.

Coronavirus and the state’s terrible response to the pandemic shows that Black and Colonized people need to take our survival into our own hands.

The following is our interview with Chief Ina to show a little bit about the person behind the success and one of the key players who keep propelling our organization forward.

“I represent the colonized continent of Africa.”

How did you find out about the Black Hammer Organization?

“My partner had actually introduced me to Gazi’s YouTube and had been following Gazi since they first came out and we both really tuned back in when they left the Uruhu movement. We have been following Gazi and Black Hammer ever since.

I saw how Black Hammer began and started with donating but was moved to action and actually joined from watching the Gazi Morning show.

I was moved by the breaking down and understanding of what is actually happening with the world and how white  power (colonialism, capitalism and white supremacy) moves and shows up in my everyday life and how it has affected my family and my people for centuries.”

? we’re glad you joined! And what’s your role in Black Hammer?

“In Black Hammer, I am the Chief of the Disaster Relief committee and the event coordinator for my local chapter. I am also Interim Chief of Campaigns until my election! “

*Update: Chief Ina won the election unanimously*

Is there something that led you to the struggle? How or when did you first get politicized?

“I first got politicized by seeing and understanding my mother’s and my families’ struggles with poverty, mental health and her physical disability.

My brother died as a result of negligence from the state. My mom brought him to the hospital when he was sick and they said he just had the flu, which was untrue, and died within the week.

That was the second child my mother lost within the year and she suffered from a psychotic break and subsequent years of homelessness and hospitalizations.

Really understanding how white supremacy, colonialism and capitalism affected not only my mother’s life and my life, but my family for generations. It really helped to politicize me and focus on the main contradiction: white power.”

What have your experiences been like so far in the organization?

“My experience in the organization has been amazing. Before I joined, I thought I knew what I was talking about (LOL) but this org has pushed me and my political line where it needs to be. It’s pushed me to be a real revolutionary and allowed me a space to struggle and unlearn what this colonial society has taught me. I’ve also learned to appreciate revolutionary work, collective thinking and democratic centralism. “

Can you tell us about the projects you’re working on now?

The Disaster Relief committee is working on a HUGE project that will be announced soon!

In addition, right now we’re continuing to provide PPE like masks and sanitizers, food, and supplies to colonized people in amerikkka, Africa and the Navajo Nation.

We’re also fundraising to gain resources for those items — tune in to Fundraising Fridays every other Friday on our Facebook Live! “

You’ve touched so many lives, and shown what it’s all about. If people are up for it, what’s the best way people can get involved?

Donations to $BHDisasterRelief or Gofundme.com/BHDisasterRelief are always welcome so we can continue to provide for the people.

Disaster Relief Committee is looking for folks to join! So reach out to [email protected] if you’re interested.

We also love for folks to just tune into our live fundraising shows: Our open mic night is 9PM EST May 29th on Facebook Live!.

We also frequently update information on our Instagram and website with Covid-19 info. It’s important to stay up to date with what is going on with this pandemic. Having the correct info can literally save your life.

Apart from all the amazing work you’re doing, what are your hopes for the future?

I want to have bees and Self Determination for colonized people all over the world!

And lastly: Any recommendations for our readers?

  1. Don’t be afraid to struggle, we need that to grow.
  2. When critiquing/discussing things (like this Doja Cat shit for example) always bring it back to the main contradiction of Capitalism, white supremacy and colonialism AKA white power.
  3. Like Marcus Garvey said, “The hour is coming when the oppressed will rise in their might!”
  4. white power wants you to feel that liberation is hopeless and unattainable and that’s simply not true. No matter what, we will continue to rise up!

Black Power yall!



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