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#2BFrank, Don’t get it confused. We are against all forms of white power.

By Comrade Hash, Black Hammer Times Staff

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. – Malcolm X

Confusion is an effective weapon. If you lose track of who your enemies are, then you’ve already lost the fight. Our colonizers have long understood this simple fact.

Although confusion is effective, it’s pretty easy to use:

– don’t teach the real history

– use vague phrases without definitions or explanations

– repeat half-truths over and over

– accuse your enemies of what you’re guilty of

Recently, the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) was able to demonstrate that confusion runs deep when it comes to anti-Semitism, Judaism, the Holocaust and colonization.

To state it clearly: Our organization does not advocate prejudice on the basis of Jewish faith or heritage. We fight for Black Power on behalf of all Colonized people. We fight so Colonized people can have absolute control over their land. We fight to end all forms of exploitation.

Despite this, some have tried to smear our organization by claiming we are anti-Semitic after we pointed out that Colonized people in amerikkka are taught about the Holocaust instead of their own people’s suffering.

This is done because colonizers want to confuse us. They want us to be ignorant of our own suffering, while showing great empathy for the suffering of europeans. Colonizers are invested in the state of israel, and they want us to care too.

Their flawed argument is based on the fact that “Jews were oppressed and everyone should care enough to give them their own country.”

The european Jews were indeed oppressed by other europeans. They certainly deserve compensation from their anti-Jewish oppressors throughout Europe. However, experiencing oppression is not an excuse to join in the oppression of colonized people like Palestinians and Africans.

But what does it mean to be Semitic? How does that overlap with Judaism and Jews? What about zionism? What does it mean to be anti-Semitic then?

The Black Hammer Times is not here to confuse you! Here are the definitions:

Semitic: referring to the following languages and the people who speak them: Arabic (300 million speakers), Amharic (65 million), Tigrinya (7 million), Hebrew (5 million), and several other languages…

Judaism: a religion. The holy books include the Torah, part of a collection known as the Tenakh or Hebrew Bible.

Jew: a person who practices Judaism or who’s ancestry practiced Judaism. Jews thus form an ethno-religious group.

Zionism: a european political movement to form an ethno-religious state for Jews, named israel. This movement formed during the late 1800s. Initially zionists hoped to settle and colonize Uganda, a british colony. Later, they made a deal with the british to settle and colonize Palestine, also a british colony. After ethnic cleansing and settler colonial theft, the state of israel was formed in 1948 on Palestinian land.

It’s clear that “anti-Semitism” is a purposefully-vague term. Most people use the term to mean anti-Jewish prejudice. However, zionists cry that critics of israel are anti-Semitic. But at the same time, anti-zionist Jews point out that zionism is intertwined with anti-Semitism!

Let’s smash this confusion!

The Holocaust was a devastating loss of human life. It showed europeans the horrors of fascism, colonialism, and capitalism turned inwards. This fear, rooted in this genocide, is currently being weaponized by israel to continue its own colonization.

This colonization helps amerikkkan interests in destabilizing the middle east. This is why amerikkka allows israel to have nukes and this is why amerikkka teaches Anne Frank without actually caring enough to stop domestic anti-Semitic and anti-black groups like the KKK.

Colonialism and capitalism created both fascism and zionism. These same forces have killed over 100 million Native Americans and over 100 million Africans, and they continue to do so. Jews who care to fight colonialism must also reject zionism. Those who care to fight racism must also work to show how the Holocaust rests on the graves of Indigenous and African holocausts.

BHO fights against colonialism. Zionism is a colonizer ideology, but Judaism is not. As one of our founding chiefs sarcastically put it, “I’m anti-colonizer and I guess if the colonizer happens to be Semitic then, bitch, I’m anti-Semitic.”

Africans, Palestinians, and other colonized people are currently being oppressed by israel with help from amerikkkan sanctions. The help goes both ways: colonizer police forces, like the NYPD, train in israel to learn how to abuse Black and Colonized people.

Supporting colonialism anywhere makes you the enemy of Colonized people. Both israel and amerikkka desperately repeat the lie that they are the champions of “democracy” and “human rights”.

In truth, they’re racist settler colonial parasites who struck a deal with capitalist devils to steal land in exchange for pulverizing the nations they infected.

Black Hammer Organization unites colonized people of all religions, and we fight colonizers of all religions.

Cut through the confusion. Stay focused. Join the fight.

Free Palestine! 

Black Power! 

Land Back!



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