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#FREEBRANDON – Demand Bail for Sir Brandon, In Jail For Surviving An Assasination Attempt By Columbia SC Pigs

By Chief Suh of Black Hammer

Black Hammer is demanding that Sir Brandon Legette be granted bail, as he remains unjustly jailed in Alvin S. Glenn Detention center merely for surviving a literal assassination attempt from the Columbia S.C. police. Call Richland County Central Court at (803) 576-2300 and demand that Sir Brandon Legette receive bail.

Sir Brandon Legette

Sir Brandon Legette is a young African man and a member of the Columbia, South Carolina community. On 24 August 2019, Columbia S.C. pigs, after harassing Sir Brandon all day, cornered him in a Food Lion parking lot at 2am and shot him twice in the back of the head, execution style.

As Sir Brandon was on the ground, bleeding out, he heard the pigs conspiring on a fake story as to what happened, and fabricating evidence to corroborate it.

In nothing short of an absolute miracle, Sir Brandon survived the two gunshots directly to the back of his head, with only one of them grazing his skull.

However, the abuse was not over. When it became apparent he had survived the pig’s assasination attempt, Sir Brandon was sent to the hospital, where his mother was denied any information and forbidden to see her son. Sir Brandon was then arrested and sent directly from the hospital to jail, where he remains now.

Sir Brandon and his mother, Robbin Legette

This attempted murder of our brother Sir Brandon is not an isolated event, but indicative of the true purpose of the police in amerikkka: to violently maintain the white supremacist capitalist-imperialist ruling class in its place of structural power through the systematic genocide of African and Colonized people.

We see this over and over: Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice — the list goes on and on, may they all Rest in Power.

The story is only different because this time, #BrandonSurvived, and lives to tell the tale of the cowardly and racist attempt on his life. This is why the system is determined to keep him incarcerated, so he cannot speak this truth.

In February 2020, Black Hammer organized a #BrandonSurvived protest outside of the Columbia S.C. Pig Department to raise awareness in the Columbia S.C. community as to what occurred.

Black Hammer also began a petition which gathered over 500 signatures. As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, Black Hammer released demands that Sir Brandon Legette be released due to health concerns, which combined with close quarters and lack of access to proper hygiene and resources, made Sir Brandon’s illegitimate incarceration into a death sentence. Black Hammer also organized a phone zap around this demand.

Black Hammer #BrandonSurvived Protest

In response to this community pressure and show of people’s power, the Columbia S.C. courts have begun the process of hearings for Sir Brandon’s bail.

Join Black Hammer in calling Richland County Central Court at (803) 576-2300 and DEMANDING that Sir Brandon is granted bail during his bond hearing, as he committed no ‘crime’ other than surviving an assassination attempt from the Columbia S.C. pigs. 

At Black Hammer, we understand that every African and Colonized person incarcerated by the united snakes of amerikkka is illegitimately incarcerated, because they are arrested, tried, sentenced, and imprisoned by this illegitimate settler white supremacist state rather than their own leaders and peers.

Therefore, Black Hammer demands the release of ALL colonized ‘prisoners’ — starting with Sir Brandon Legette. #FREEBRANDON!

Fuck the Police! 

Free Brandon! 

Black Power!  



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