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Those who can’t work shall not eat?

by Comrade Hash, Black Hammer Times Staff

Unemployment is off the charts. Most governments have shut things down to stop coronavirus. But where does that leave us? Are we just expected to sit at home while we’re broke?

Maybe that’s fine for colonizers who built up wealth on the backs of colonized workers and can sit at home.

But for those of us who keep this world running, we literally need to work to survive.

So we work to live…. but now that there’s no work, then what?

Should we kill each other to work? No. But that’s what these dumbass “anti-lockdown” protesters are trying to do. Although these people realize the government is corrupt, it’s not because of the stay-at-home orders.

To make some things clear: YES we should be able to work, YES we need lockdown for our health, but most of all YES we deserve food, homes, and healthcare — no matter what.

The government is throwing a little bit of money our way, right?

A little history lesson from the LAST time unemployment was off the charts – the great depression:

  • ~20% unemployment rate (meaning 1 in 5 workers can’t find work)
  • working class starting to get organized and fight back
  • the federal colonizer government gives states money for unemployment benefits “The New Deal”

And how about today:

  • ~15% unemployment (and climbing)
  • colonized working class getting organized and fighting back (that’s us, Black Hammer)
  • colonizer parties (democrats and republicans) confess that the unemployment system is not enough and pass a law (CARES act) to make more people eligible for benefits because of the pandemic.

Obviously, their play is basic – exploit the colonized working class until things get REALLY bad… then do a LITTLE bit to save face. But they never do enough.

Just to stay one thing; if you CAN get unemployment benefits, get your money. (Technically, it’s ours anyway since it’s funded from our exploitative taxes and from our employers… who have money from exploiting and underpaying us.) Find out how to apply in your state here.

That said, nothing’s ever simple. Of course, colonizers make it extremely difficult to get any decent benefits. Not only are states in the black belt south paying a lot less than other parts of the country, but many states are just flat out not giving people money. Why?

Their excuse for this is that their computer systems crashed. Why?

Although Facebook and Amazon have billions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of programmers, for some reason, it’s impossible to have computer systems which give unemployment. Why?

The colonizer governments don’t give a shit, that’s why. For every crumb they give out, they continuously find ways to under-fund and cut back because they literally survive by corruption and theft of our lives and labor.

This is on purpose! White power wants  a lot of unemployment and fear so the exploitation of the colonized working class can continue.

They try to get us to work as sacrificial workers. If we try small-scale strikes, like Chris Smalls who organized at amazon, they use legal loopholes and fire us.

Even though there’s no work, we deserve to eat. At least you understand now what benefits you’re promised, how to request them, but also how they’re going to try and cheat you.

This is why Black Hammer has focused on building a disaster relief program. We provide free protective equipment (PPE) like face masks, vitamins, and cleaning supplies to African and Colonized people.

If you need resources, learn more and sign up here (our computer systems are very reliable). We want to expand this program, so if you want to help, get in touch, or donate here.

There’s more than enough resources, food, and homes for all of us. But it’s clear we need to provide for ourselves, and of course, we can.

Join Black Hammer and make it happen.

Black Power! 



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