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Tom Watts Is Worse Than A Nazi, He’s An Amerikkkan White Man

By Chief Galo & Comrade Ellis

The meaningless dribble of an article released by himself against himself, simply says I’m a Nazi, but I should be forgiven.

The article continuously ignored the FACTS! Which were:

One, Tom Watts and his business partner William Coppola aka “Iron Thunderhorse” kidnapped, raped, and sex trafficked young girls of all colors, including Black and Brown girls.

Two, Tom Watts and his Business partner ran an illegal scam, where they pretended to be indigenous to steal thousands of tax dollars away from actual indigenous people. 

Zulu Sharod AKA, Afquan Al-fuquan Perkett, AKA Sharod Rodgers, AKA Julius Rogers, AKA James Rogers,  AKA Camron Rogers, born December 21, 1971, possibly conducted Charity fraud pocketing $5,040 two months ago. Money meant for a community bus, which no one has seen receipts for yet. 

Christine Wilson who claims to be Kevin Rashid Johnson’s wife actually works for the Federal Government in the form of a Project Specialist at FEMA is actually not married to anyone at all! 

Lastly, Kevin Rashid Johnson being exposed as a facade and is possibly Tom Watts’ business partner who is doing life for kidnapping and rape. 

White nationalist, Tom Watt’s scam is falling apart, members and allies of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP), are highly upset and disturbed. The people have been duped by two old af,  white nationalist con artists. 

These con artists continuously use the oppression of colonized people for material gain. To fix this contradiction, in hopes of regaining the illusion that the NABPP is legitimate, Tom’s ghost wrote a criticism of himself pretending to be a Black Member of the NABPP.

unnamed (4) 

Tom Watts, in this article written by himself, against himself, dropped a half assed admittance to what Black Hammer had been saying for weeks now “We do not hold to any crazy notion that the New Afrikan Black Panther Party is reactionary, but we know that Tom Watts ghostwrites under the name of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson and it is time for him to be called out for his sabotaging behavior.“ 

Even calling Tom a nazi, as if it’s the worst thing ever, they failed to address the primary concerns! 

The only issue they have, is nazi’s killed other white people, the ultimate wrong. 

Nazi’s have not wiped out an entire nation of people to never be seen again. 

America has! 

The British have! 

And the Canadians have! 

Hitler, who had a framed picture of George Washington, learned from amerikkkan crimes. Hitler learned from the likes of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Cecil Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth the 1st. These hero’s of his make Hitler look like a boy scout! 

The writer intentionally avoided the fact that Tom Watts is the true ideological driving force for the NABPP. 

His thoughts and political ideas run their whole operation. The ghost writer also avoids the fact that Tom Watts created the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, then created the personality of Kevin Rashid Johnson and recruited the village idiot Zulue Sharod (AKA Afquan Al-fuquan Perkett, Sharod Rodgers, Julius Rogers, James Rogers, and Camron Rogersk)

Tom Watts knew not to put himself in leadership like he had with his fake tribe, which got sued out of existence. 

Tom controls NABPP from the background. That’s why Zulu Sharod, “Chairman” of the NABPP, has never written or said anything influential or impactful. Singing nothing but praises for every line of white nationalist politics that Tom Watts puts in front of him. 

Zulu Sharod is being led like a good little porch monkey and has no voice of his own. An idiot, selling white nationalism to the people. 

It’s obvious, Tom has moved the whole organization to completely de-center the colonial question. 

Nowhere in the Fraud Panther’s juvenile 10-Point Plan is there a single mention of decolonization and return of land and power to colonized people of the planet. 

This way Tom Watts and his Colonizer buddy can peacefully continue being worse than Nazis aka American Colonizers.

The fake soft blow criticism of Tom Watts, orchestrated by himself, does not strip him of this power in NABPP. The criticism only serves to pacify the Fraud Panther membership, since they are currently at the throats of the white leadership. The membership in return received a long winded story from Tom about a time he bonked his head and thought he attended every revolutionary event for the last 70 years! And on the other hand some political nonsensical dispute, right after exposing Tom as a white nationalist and not saying ONE WORD about the abuse committed by him and his partner on black and brown girls.

The criticism shares not one mention of Tom Watt’s terrible past.

How can you throw Black Hammer under the bus for legitimate criticisms and in THE SAME BREATH EXPOSE YOUR WHITE NATIONALIST LEADERSHIP

unnamed (3)

What the New Afrikan Black Panther Party comes out to be is neo-colonialism, fake power in black face!

For all our doubts and investigations, we could only guess at the ideas of Tom Watt’s white nationalism, but now shit really hit the fan. 

The above screenshot is evidence of Tom Watt’s leadership in a fascist, white nationalist, zionist Facebook group dedicated to “cause split-ups in their movements, especially concerning the rise of Pantherism.” 

The reality is that “Kevin Rashid Johnson” is most likely Tom’s long time partner in crime, William Coppola. Who has been in and out of jail for raping and assaulting black and brown girls. 

Tom has desperately been trying for years to get this rapist out of jail

The lack of self-criticism based on concrete evidence, taints the whole org as a white nationalist rape apologist organization aimed at splitting up movements. Aimed at destroying the notion of black power and self determination, and aimed at executing the mission of the facebook group he leads.

The criticism released in this dribble of an article shows no accountability for fraud white nationalist leadership and shows clearly where your priorities are, serving your white massa at the expense of black power and self determination for all colonized people. 

NABPP is trying to let Tom Watts recede back into the shadows, so he can keep leading from the background and everyone will keep serving him under his fake black power pantherist bullshit. 

Any individual that stands with the fraud panthers is falling in line for White American Colonizer leadership and siding with a rape apologists. 

Thankfully the Fraud Panthers are non mother fucking factors that no one even knows about! Their claim to fame will always and forever be getting dragged, exposed, and destroyed by Black Hammer! 



  1. How is it possible that this old devious cracKKKer can call himself a “white panther” , calling a REAL BLACK led group “reactionary” and obsessing about it???! How can people be linked up with him, i see i got mutual friends with this devil, whose facebook name used to be just tom watts??!
    The proof speaks for itself. Crazy shit, but it shows how white reactionary “leftists” always infiltrate and dominate People Of Color led groups. For example:
    Here in Chicago, white professor tryna domineer my husband and our then friend, theyre Boricua and Nigerian. He even dare to claim that his white ass freed famous Boricua patriot/political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, making my husband snap on him because he totally disregarded thousands of Boricuas fighting for not just Oscar, but many other POWS, throughout the years. He believes he gets a “pass” because ten yrs ago, the fbi interrogated him. And? That dont make you a Panther, lol. He did not suffer or was killed like Fred Hampton, Mark Clark (REST IN POWER), so he should step back and stfu.
    Other cases include some lame anarchist kid at a pro Venezuela rallu trying to silence my Boricua husband after defending his Mexicano Comrade from a dirty gusano who attacked them.
    Recently, some old “Marxist” professor was friendly with kkkops at a Houstin, Texas Xicano Moratorium rally. He DARE to claim local Brown Berets and activists were down, too. They had to come out saying this was a flat out LIE. This professor is revisionary and known for speaking FOR People Of Color. The caucasity, once again!
    The reactionaries are off the chains and we’re glad yall are exposing them.

    • Honestly I was not amazed by this fact looking back,though I was caught by surprise at first.I think this man was a very well trained FBI operative,I mean his whole organization and fake character call Rashid was able to make some believe he was real.Because he came of as a revolutionary style figure but now the wolf has lost its sheep clothing and I can see why they would do something like this.Looking back the whole operations were clearly meant to defuse revolutionary appeal,his call for revolution in prisons and not reaching others was strange and the whole rejection of respiration’s and the idea that the black community is not an opressed nationality was strange even before I became aware of this fraud.He isn’t the only one,recently a person who I had found in revolutionary Irish Republican circles came of as a full blown fascist.I can see why he too would be an agent of discord in the movement,he was always battling other revolutionaries and down playing the support of struggles of liberation in Latin America and Africa.The reason intelligence organizations do this is first to cause discord and then to cause suspicion,it’s a powerful tactic.


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