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Hannaford’s Grocery is asking 2k to sacrifice themselves!

By Comrade Ale, Black Hammer Times Staff

New England based grocery store chain Hannafords is announcing 2,000 new jobs to help curb unemployment caused by the coronavirus.

They plan to hire people in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts.

The tension around public health and supply chain chaos brought by the global health pandemic is heightening.

With over 1.5 million confirmed cases, Hannafords seeks to ease its shareholders and customers.

Black Hammer understands that those who are forced to work during this pandemic are being sacrificed for the white power capitalist system.

Especially in the state of New York, the global epicenter of coronavirus, Hannafords asks the most oppressed, colonized people to work in order to make their colonizer shareholders confident and happy, while being cheap when it comes to giving protection against this virus.

With inadequate PPE, a lack of coronavirus testing, and ineffective information on how to prevent the spread of the virus, Hannafords, like all “essential” businesses, subjects their workers to a high degree of colonial stress and sacrifices them for profits.

The fact that African and Colonized people represent most essential (sacrificed) workers in the united snakkkes means we have the best chance to take this colonial economy down and build our socialist Black Power economy!

In Black Hammer, we are educating our people through social media on how to grow their own food, how to provide hyperlocal and international disaster relief, and how to raise all of our colonized consciousnesses.

For the colonized readers in the new english empire, please consider joining to serve the people with PPE in your community of colonized and especially sacrificed proletariat people. Fill out this form for the northeastern chapter, INCLUDING, Massachussets and Maine.

Donate to the $Black Hammer North CashApp or to our gofundme to help fund the struggle.

Join the revolution!

Black Power!



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