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Projected trillionaire, Jeff Bezos, made by the blood, sweat, and land of our people.

By Comrade Keirien, Black Hammer Times Staff

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in history with a fortune topping $100 billion, is on course to be the world’s first trillionaire by 2026 according to projections.

To scale of this wealth visit this link.

Jeff Bezos’ business model is one of colonialism, corporate-colonialism.

It is through corporate colonialism that Amazon, like the handful of other mega-corp orations, have snatched control of every facet of society and the natural world.

His wealth is the exploitation of colonized workers and extraction and stripping away of colonized lands.

It is the capitalist nature to exploit colonized workers, in Amazon, colonized workers are the most exploited and forced to work in treacherous conditions — sacrificed for the sake of consumer convenience.

Slaves to the fulfillment centers of Amazon, a worker’s every move is tracked by sophisticated surveillance technology to provide feedback so mangers can be scientific in their exploitation.

The results of this exploitation of labor and land have been, amongst others, the experience of perpetual poverty, war, and death for colonized people.

Those who idolize Bezos as a capitalist success and aspire to be like him are aspiring to be the epitome of scum:  an aspiration to be an exploiter and murderer who destroys the environment, land and community all for a shameful imbalance of wealth.

Bezos’ mass accumulation of wealth is the accumulation of the resources of our colonized land.

Bezos’  purchases such as his mega-yacht, were purchased with $400,000,000 worth of blood, sweat, and tears of our colonized workers.

This world, for colonized people, represents such a destitute and unforgiving experience due to the immensely evil capitalist elites involved in exploiting it.

We must organize and take back what is ours!

Our new world, for colonized people, means a world system where no one lives at the expense of another, an international socialist society where we have dictatorship over our land lives and resources.

There is only one revolutionary organization that is committed to the colonized proletariat and is unapologetic in its fight for liberation.


As our points of unity state, “We believe that the Colonized Proletariat is the only true proletariat. Only through our leadership can white power, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all its symptomatic offspring be smashed.”

Black Power!


Comrade Keirien represents and writes for the colonized Black people of the united states. You may find Keirien passionately tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs (whose playoff streak still remains intact), and all things revolutionary.



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