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Exposé on Colonial Penn & Alex Trebek

by Comrade Llabbe, Black Hammer Times Staff

Coronavirus is fucking up the world, but the united snakkkes has taken the gold trophy for most confirmed cases of coronavirus—this mega crisis has been a boon to life insurance companies that prey on African and Colonized people.

The white power politicians have taken every opportunity to defund health programs which don’t enrich the CEO’s pockets of the medical industrial complex.

This anarchic health crisis has been taken advantage of by companies like InstaCart, Hello Fresh, and Zoom that provides valuable services for those in quarantine.

One colonial capitalist business has stood out by making their money from coronavirus deaths directly, Colonial Penn life insurance.

Colonial Penn took the same loss in stock as most companies when the country attempted to shut down the economy to slow the spread.

Sponsored articles are appearing all over the internet convincing people to buy life insurance to manipulate people during this health crisis.

Alex Trebek of Jeoprady is the official spokesman of Colonial Penn.

Still riding the wave of white tears after the Host’s cancer diagnosis, Alex Trebek has brought stupefied customers to place their bets with Colonial Penn.

What makes Colonial Penn so evil, and all those who advertise for their life insurance, is WHEN their stock prices went up.

Colonial Penn’s stock value went up every time the rates of death grew exponentially due to coronavirus.

This company is much like buying lottery tickets, spending now in hopes to get a payout when an unlikely situation happens.

As much as every African and Colonized person deserves support after an untimely death, this life insurance system imposed by white power only wants to profit from the coronavirus deaths.

The fact that African and Colonized people are the main victims of coronavirus makes Colonial Penn another extension of colonialism and capitalism.

The only way we as Colonized people can really save ourselves from the weapons of white power is to create Black Power with revolution.


Comrade Zarco represents and writes for the Afro-Andean diaspora of Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. You may find this Comrade drinking (up to) 2 liters of vegan Sancocho during general meetings, and read them shout out the comrades on Twitter @slicedbreadline.


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