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To the idiot that thinks Young Black And Colonized folks with a media strategy is COINTELPRO!

Never allow a good crises to go to waste. It’s the opportunity to do the big things you never thought possible.”??‍♂️

The Anne Frank crises gave Black Hammer the opportunity to expose ourselves as Unapologetic Anti-Colonial African and Colonized revolutionaries that take no shit and will drag a Colonizer bitch and they Colonized-pets for trying us! ??‍♂️

We were also preparing for other attacks from our pasts post! Our take on White Feminism and Turey being attacked by a racist Porn Hub Star.

Operation Storm White Tears ?

Was an operation targeting WHITE LEFTIST REACTIONARY LIBERALS (Hence Operation Storm WHITE Tears) ? #DUMMY that were siding with the state and literally trying putting Black Hammer on an FBI hate group list (thanks to our lawyers for stopping that??‍? !) just for saying we don’t care about Anne Frank we only care about OUR African and Colonized people and genocide that we are currently going through! ✊?


It was a defensive tactic against the real White Liberal Left Klu Klux Kommunist COINTELPRO who were attacking us (a poor and working class colonized young org giving out free PPE and Food ). They were trying to get the FBI to arrest us and even kill us! ?

“Known Causes of Sympathy” aka what Becky always does to garner sympathy when you call her out! Crying about fake health issues, fake Inspirational Pasts, and fake Identity!??‍♀️

We were preparing for their defense in our attack! (this is called organizing take notes bitches)?


Destroy Our Competion! White Leftist orgs have a lot of good meaning Black and Colonized people! We strategize to destroy their fake “revolutionary” and corrupt white leadership and win them to an ALL Colonized org where they don’t have to practice self-hate or be belittled by colonizer leaders. And to be allowed to Declolnize their minds! ??


The Shade Room has trapped the minds of our people into capitalist and Democratic Party dogmatic worship! It is our job as African Revolutionaries to win them away from such downgrading nonsense and into political life! What is the problem in that? I want my niece to be just as if not more excited about a Black Hammer post than a Shareroom one!??

This plan is OLD and we have already accomplished ALL GOALS! The white leftist leaders that attacked us are all EXPELLED from their orgs, We got the white leftist social media darling’s page DELETED, we have won an extra 30% in membership from Black and Colonized people that left Colonizer orgs to join their own people! Our Instagram to this day reposts Shade Room posts in a revolutionary way and our followers have tripled in size! ?

We are not antagonistic to real revolutionary orgs and haven’t picked a fight with anyone that ain’t tried us FIRST! ?

Black Hammer works with and promotes MANY African and Colonized lead orgs! All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Ujima People’s Project, Black Alliance for Peace, Anticonquista, Black First Land First, Huey P Newton Gun Club, The Red Nation, to name a few! We are also in Hood Communist a coalition of African Radical Organizations! ??

We are organized and we plan everything! We take the lessons of our past revolutionaries very seriously! White Power isn’t the only one that can use divide and conquer tactics! ?

Both sides can PLAN! Both sides can FIGHT! And Both sides can BLEED! My enemy doesn’t play fair and neither do I bitch! Black Hammer plays to win! ?

P.s. Fraud Panthers the only plan I got for y’all is literally drag your sellout fake leader in a Public Debate and expose that his Colonizer Massa Tom Watts writes everything for him and he’s nothing but a puppet and an idiot! ??‍♂️

P.s.s. if we were the fucking Feds would our social media always get deleted? Would we need to fight not to get on an FBI hate group list? ALSO DUmmy wouldn’t we have a stronger safer and more secure technical support than FUCKING GOOGLE DOCS!!!! ???? Y’all this is just too easy!

P.s.s.s. Why can’t anyone find a Mug Shot, Court Case, and Family members for this so called Kevin Rashid Johnson?  … (to be continued) 



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