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Fraud Pantherists and Their Imprisoned Messiah

By Comrade Be, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Never did I think I would find myself reading a piece comparing a black revolutionary to hitler and mussolini. Kevin Rashid Johnson, and the united panther movement, have released another installment of their envious tantrum-like polemics.

Of course, the few and sparse members which cling to Kevin’s every word and accept everything posted on Rashid’s blog as scripture and instruction for revolution, were very eager to spread far the message of their messiah. 

The polemic begins by reminding pantherists (not panthers, pantherists) that only the NABPP is capable of making principled criticisms. The polemic accuses Black Hammer, Commander-in-Chief Gazi, and all BHO members of playing political police within the “left.” They use an outdated, not so secret propaganda campaign outline to obfuscate and smear Black Hammers efforts to build a sincerely revolutionary united front against imperialism.

Beyond the obvious jealousy portrayed by the NABPP, there is purposeful misleading of their own followers to despise Black Hammer Organization. The stalker-like attention to everything being done by BHO is best seen in the pantherist’s imitation of Black Hammers tactics, social media approach, and very much evident in this barrage of “principled criticisms”.  The pantherists denounce reactionary and antagonistic actions. Despite this, Kevin releases multiple essays attempting to slander BHO, calling on members to leave the BHO and instead join his 15 year old party which has grown in essays more than members. 

I personally don’t see it, pantherism is idealist and impractical. Watching the various pantherist sub-organizations stumble like infants, is enough to prove it inefficient. 

He, Kevin Rashid Johnson, and his wife, Christine Wilson (born 01/06/1979, Kansas City Missouri) , have contacted BHO in the past to bypass their own party’s commandism and ineptitude. 

Black Hammer proudly published Kevin’s letter demanding the release of all prisoners, when his own party refused to post it. Black Hammer provided PPE to Christine, when the NABPP either could not or would not. This was a mistake on our part, we did not think that so-called revolutionaries would abandon comradery so quickly. 

Moving on, I shall discuss a few contradictions of the united panther movement, led by the new afrikan black panther party. These contradictions came to light, through a letter written by Shupavu Wa Kirma, legally known as Christine Wilson. Kevin’s wife laid out the internal contradictions of the party better than I ever could.    

“It’s upsetting to learn that the culture of liberalism and opportunism continue to fester within your pre-party organization.  I call it a pre-party organization because, at this time, I believe that it would be incorrect to categorize this outfit as a political party much less a vanguard political party and with your lumpen, inarticulate, and politically immature chairman at the helm, you are bordering on an illegal sham – especially in regard to the handling of the monies garnered from the people.”

This is the first paragraph from a letter dated April 11th, 2020, this alone should be the end of the NABPP. Kevin started this organization, his wife calls it an illegal sham. Christine’s letter will enlighten us on many worrisome and liberal tendencies within the Central Committee.

Kevin does not run his facebook page, have any control of his party, and had to voice support for BHO’s campaign to release all prisoners when his own party refused to take any action to organize release of prisoners as the COVID19 pandemic ravages incarcerated people. I remind the reader, Kevin himself is in prison. 

The United Panther Movement has no visible campaign to provide the communities they supposedly serve with any form of material relief from the pandemic. They have one visible consistent serve-the-people program, a grocery distribution in Newark, New Jersey. 

I, for one, am tired of seeing the same five pictures of gloveless hand outs of rotten produce to poor people, already vulnerable to catching coronavirus. To members of the NABPP, I encourage you to ask your chairman, Shaka Zulu, who and what is providing this leftover produce. Ask your chairman, how much he gets paid to play revolutionary by these same nonprofits.

Of course, in line with their plan to mimic the original irreplaceable Black Panther Party of the 60s/70s, the NABPP had plans to provide a bus for the community of Newark, New Jersey. Even Christine, kevin’s wife, has no clue what the over $5000 raised on gofundme was spent on. The absence of the bus, and money, must be an awful source of guilt for the central committee. At least, I would hope it is. 

Any attempt made to hold the pre-party organization accountable for this visitation bus campaign is met with name-calling and accusations of “ believing social media lies” constructed by Chief Gazi to “discredit” the NABPP. The pantherists have yet to show any evidence that this money was used to buy a bus or van, other than an facebook picture of a car. I am certain they are working hard to cover up their fraud, especially since BHO released this info to the public. 

On May 11th, five months into the pandemic, the NABPP finally released a call for help for Shupavu’s poor suffering husband, most likely after receiving the very letter we are discussing here. Shupavu (christine wilson) explains it best:

“Since the beginning of this year, Rashid has had several battles with the pigs and corrupt prison officials while in confinement.  These battles range from inadequate health care, withholding life-sustaining medications, chemical torture, illegal censorship and confiscation of mail, etc.  Multiple calls were put out around each incident and supporters were asked to call, email, write letters, and share widely on social media platforms.  None of these calls were acknowledged, much less, shared by any member of NABPP or UPM nor were they shared from the NABPP or UPM Facebook pages.  I tried posting them there several times myself.  They were not approved.  I wonder did any of you reach out by phone or write an email on his behalf?  It seems that Rashid’s name, artwork, and website, etc. are only pulled out and dusted off when Shaka is asking for more money for himself or otherwise trying to capitalize off of Rashid’s intelligence, creativity, and theoretical and practical understanding.”

It seems the culture of reactionary conditional camaraderie within the NABPP, has even threatened the physical health and safety of their beloved imprisoned messiah. 

Black Hammer has an ongoing campaign to release all prisoners. All BH chapters and regions are compiling lists of prisoners to begin reaching out and providing material support. The Black Hammer Times published a supportive letter written by Kevin when his own party refused to post it. The BHO maintains a transparent approach to how we use all funds received by the masses, it is the peoples’ money after all. 

To donate to the fraud panthers, one must first deposit money to Shaka’s personal account. The venmo, paypal, cashapp and various gofundme pages operated by this pre party organization all deposit into the pockets of Chairman Shaka Zulu. Is this not a conflict of interest? To have your chairman hold complete control over all your funds, is that behavior alone not a red flag for all members?

A reminder to Shaka Zulu, Rule 18 of the NABPP rules of Conduct: Do not take or borrow anything from the people without permission or misuse funds entrusted to you.

Kevin’s spouse describes a history of shaka taking money meant for the organization and/or Rashid. Using these funds to benefit himself. These are once again the words of Christine Wilson/Shupavu Wa Kirma:

“This isn’t the only occasion of Shaka’s stopping resources that would go toward Rashid’s support.  Shaka told me of a force there in New Jersey that had given $10 to him asking that it go to Rashid.  Shaka took the cash under that pretext but later said to me that it was a “paltry sum” and “wasn’t worth the effort of sending it off” to Rashid.  Shaka also took money from me that was for Rashid on February 14, 2020 for the purpose of buying “school supplies”.  He told me that he needed these supplies in order to meet with his math tutor but would pay these funds back later that same day when he got home and gained access to his bank card.  I sent these resources to him based upon his promise to pay the resources back.  He also accepted these resources with the understanding that these funds were coming from resources that were already earmarked for Rashid.”

All funds received by self-proclaimed communists should inarguably be used to serve the people. Communist revolutionaries often speak of organization and democratic centralism. Looking at the way funds are used by Shaka, as described by Christine, there is no accountability and no democratic centralism to correctly record and allocate funds donated to the party. 

On August 31st, the new afrikan pantherists held a community barbeque. Christine notes that around the same time Shaka and his New Jersey followers were planning this event, a deposit of $1000 from the visitation bus Gofundme was put into Shaka’s account.

Shaka and I both know that the fundraiser was set up to empty into his account on a monthly basis and he has always had access to those funds… I remember having to caution him on not using the money on other things, even things that could have been considered “political work” and urging him to set up a general fund for that purpose.  Especially when he received his first $1,000 payment right around the time of the Black August cookout that was held at Kalecia’s house.  Per usual, Shaka stubbornly refused the advice and went ahead to use the funds for lawn equipment, paint, flyers, and other personal expenses such as groceries and rent for himself.

The lack of accountability and transparency around funds being raised by the New Afrikan Black Panther Party reveals a hard truth. The pantherist Chairman has most likely stolen and misused party funds, I cannot see any other reason for such opaque and seemingly unorganized methods of handling monetary donations. 

The last section of Christine’s critical letter outlines the inadvertent misogyny plaguing the Central Committee and their various down river clubs. In the quoted piece, she has just cited Kevin’s 2008 essay on revolutionary liberation of wimyn and says this:

“He also stressed the importance and need for women within the revolutionary ranks.  Your biased and backward view and treatment of women is reflected in your “work”.  It is reflected in your chairman’s behavior and practice.  It is reflected in the opinions held by at least half of your central committee.  The absence of female cadre within the ranks of NABPP is even more evidence of that.  Women make up the majority of most revolutionary parties and groups, yet you have none.  Shaka has been marching around Newark for almost 2 years now yet has not produced any cadre-male or female.  No one under his direct leadership has moved from the mass organization to the NABPP-much less any woman.  It’s telling that when Shaka did choose to recruit, it was a man with no prior experience in the UPM in a completely different state and region.”

This is a damning letter. This letter is an explicit breakdown of the contradictions within the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, Central Committee. Straight from Shupuva Wa Kirima, Christine Wilson, partner of Kevin Rashid Johnson. 

Before concluding, I will touch on some points brought up by Kevin in his essay to his devout followers titled AGENTS OF DISRUPTION AND DECEPTION: EXPOSING BLACK HAMMER’S PLOT TO DESTROY REVOLUTIONARY LEADERSHIP AND MANIPULATE THE PEOPLE. Not only does this piece accuse Gazi of being on par to fascist war criminals, it infantilizes the entire Black Hammer Organization. Claiming we are underdeveloped organizers, eager to be fooled. We have members from all points of the continental united snakes of amerikkka, we have members in Nigeria, Puerto Rico, and many members who stand alone in representing multiple nations around the world. All of these members are adults, each with their own rich history of organizing. Each with unique material conditions, all of us willing and united with dialectical materialism, democratic centralism, and communist revolution. 

To quote Mao, Speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work 1957:

Some people have read a few Marxist books and think themselves quite learned but what they have read has not penetrated, has not struck root in their minds, so that they do not know how to use it and their class feelings remain as of old. Others are very conceited and having learned some book-phrases, think them terrific and are very cocky; but whenever a storm blows up, they take a stand very different from that of the workers and the majority of the peasants. They waver while the latter stand firm, they equivocate while the latter are forthright.

The imprisoned Minister of Defense of the NABPP believes his organization is better than all others, that’s why his organization is 15 years old and still has the same amount of influence and power as they did in 2005. Of course, I am not taking into account the growth of the White Panther Organization and Marilyn Buck Brigade, indeed a generous amount of their time is spent organizing white leftists and white communities.

Kevin is either masterful or ignorant. He is purposefully misleading his devoted followers and adjacent white donors into believing that Black Hammer Organization is dedicating all of their time to scamming people. 

My own response is this, You have spent 15 years organizing and have little more than what you started with to show for it. Your inability to relate to everyday people is your downfall. Your lack of real, experienced organizing is shown in your club’s dogmatic and idealist application of MLM theory. Thank you for reminding me what it means to be a dialectical materialist, your reactionary polemics quick to slander and divide, compared to my real life experience as a Black Hammer member has taught me a lot about revolutionary organizations. 

Speak to your members, if Shaka Umar will allow it. You will learn more from your organization’s individual member’s material experiences, than any book. 


The reality is that the united panther movement, Kevin Rashid Johnson, and Christine Wilson are all in for the grift. They benefit materially from their followers who, unlike BHO, are overwhelmingly middle class leftists who jerk off to Kevin’s pretty prison pictures. Now let’s speak about Christine Wilson, she is not a member of the NABPP, probably because she literally works for the Federal Government. Shupavu Wa Kirima is an employee for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This letter details her own criticisms of the central committee, but she herself is no saint.

Any attempt to criticize the MATERIAL effect of the fraud and reactionary tendencies of the NABPP is met with insults, bullying and a barrage of comments/messages on social media. I would advise any particularly sensitive comrades to refrain from attempting to engage in principled dialogue with any of their social media accounts. Read their essays, read ours, work with us and work with them. After all that, I chose the hammer, I’m certain you will too.

The masses have a potentially inexhaustible enthusiasm for socialism. Those who can only follow the old routine in a revolutionary period are utterly incapable of seeing this enthusiasm. They are blind and all is dark ahead of them. At times they go so far as to confound right and wrong and turn things upside down. Haven’t we come across enough persons of this type? Those who simply follow the old routine invariably underestimate the people’s enthusiasm. Let something new appear and they always disapprove and rush to oppose it. Afterwards, they have to admit defeat and do a little self-criticism. But the next time something new appears, they go through the same process all over again. This is their pattern of behavior in regard to anything and everything new. Such people are always passive, always fail to move forward at the critical moment, and always have to be given a shove in the back before they move a step.


Mao, Introductory note to This Township Went Co-operative in Two Years 1955.

To end, I remind the reader, a picture of a car on social media with a note attached and “signed” Kevin Rashid Johnson is not in any way proof that funds were used correctly. Despite that, the handling of monetary funds is not the only crime of this “pre-party organization.” Their quick and rash attempts to jump on the dogpile of slander aimed at a black and colonized working class org that is providing for, politically educating, and organizing people, this pattern of behavior is the most damning of it all. This will be our last engagement with the fraud pantherist leadership, their imprisoned messiah, and their devoted pantherists.

Our work, our actions, our organization will prove itself to the people. We are sick of engaging with such an irrelevant organization. Let our leaders debate.



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