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Black Hammer’s “Man Crush Mondays” represent Colonized sexual liberation

By Comrade Llabbe, The Black Hammer Times Staff

We as Black Hammer Organization believe that the dictatorship of our land, lives, labor, and resources includes all consensual and non-oppressive forms of sexual expression.

We stand with our sex workers as we fight white power on All Fronts.

Woman/Non-binary/Man crush appreciation days are —and will stay— a regular part of Black Hammer’s social media Agitation and Propaganda.

Black Power is everywhere. White power is everywhere. Black power is on the bottom, with white power on top.

White power occupies and organized an all encompassing culture built on suppressing Black Power.

Pornography has been used by white power recently, specifically a white feminist lens, to make porn open and seen as taking back sexual self determination.

All this while Black Power has been fighting for self determination since white people used colonialism to turn African and Colonized people into resources—stealing our land, lives, and labor to enrich an alien nation of white power.

African and Colonized sex workers have been slandered by white power for centuries for surviving during white illegal immigration.

All sex workers— gender and sexual minorities, immigrants, prisoners, and trafficked children/slaves— are subject to white violence at every level of society in all cultures around the world.

White power is more than just Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, but also neocolonial sellouts like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly.

From u.s. history we see the modern movement to liberate these African and Colonized sex workers from the streets white power created for them by Revolutionaries, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

The Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries

Starting the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) they fought to create a space for mostly African and Colonized sex workers at the bottom of white power.

Without the leadership of African and Colonized revolutionary sex workers, the single issue, modern white power LGBTQ+ movement—which has only freed more white people to take white power— wouldn’t exist.

Black Power has always encompassed sex and been subjected to the sexual violence of white power and neocolonial sellouts.


Comrade Llabbe represents and writes for the Afro-Andean diaspora of Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. You may find this Comrade drinking (up to) 2 liters of vegan Sancocho during general meetings, and read them shout out the comrades on Twitter @slicedbreadline.


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