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Don’t “Resist”: Hate and seek the destruction of the u.s.

By Comrade Keirien, The Black Hammer Times Staff

A message to the colonized proletariat inside the imperial core of amerikkka.

The liberal #Resistance or #Resist movement will not save us, or our people outside amerikkka.

The liberal “vote blue no matter who” or democratic party will not save us, or our people outside amerikkka.


The democratic party and liberal movements do not seek to overturn the system or structure but, to make the oppression easier to swallow for us and the white settlers watching.

These movements seek to promote the facade of settler-colonial-capitalism-imperialism as democracy, justice, and freedom.

While black, brown, yellow, and indigenous people continue to face hate, violence, and oppression both in the heart of amerikkka and all over the imperial colonized world.

The democratic party and liberal movements use colonized people as pawns to support their facade.

This façade is sold to the masses as progressive change, which only aims to maintain its system of violence and oppression against us and protect their power.

“That white person that you see calling himself a liberal is the most dangerous thing in the entire Western Hemisphere.

He’s the most deceitful, he’s like a fox and the fox is always more dangerous in the forest than the wolf. You can see the wolf coming, you know what he is up to but the fox will fool you.

He comes at you with his teeth shaped in such a way that even though you see his teeth you think he’s smiling and take him for a friend.” – Malcom X

What will save us?


Hate for amerikkka, hate for the white power structures that seek to oppress and murder colonized people in the imperial core and outside the imperial core.

But, this hate is not enough.

The hate has to be mindful, strategic, and organized. It is only through collective hate and unity that liberation is possible.

This hate is a tool of empowerment, we must recognize that this clash between oppressor and oppressed is inevitable in this current system.

This requires a love, sympathy, and understanding of the oppressive conditions for all colonized people. Acknowledging we have the same enemy, colonialism.

Amerikkka will continue to promote all types of propaganda to bring disharmony amongst colonized people. They recognize that our collective power and collective love is stronger than any tool amerikkka has.

We live in a dictatorship, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

This neoliberal late stage capitalist dictatorship increasingly relies on the police state & its surveillance infrastructure to repress our organizing and our efforts to challenge its hegemonic rule.

To the white leftist, you are privileged and entitled. Your privilege and entitlement come from these white power structures and our blood.

You cannot lead the colonized liberation movement that rejects your own settler-state as legitimate. Only us colonized people can! We are the true proletariat.

So, either you fall in line behind the colonized masses, pay reparations, or move out the way.

Join Black Hammer!

  1. We believe the Colonized Proletariat should have dictatorship over our lives, labor, land, and resources.
  2. We believe all Colonized Proletariat are equal; no matter gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences and/or bi/multiracial identity.
  3. We believe all the problems the colonized face are from colonialism and the submissive neocolonialists that are within our colonized nations.
  4. We believe that the Colonized Proletariat is the only true proletariat. Only through our leadership can white power, capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all its symptomatic offspring be smashed.

Black Power!

Comrade Keirien represents and writes for the colonized Black people of the united states. You may find Keirien passionately tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs (whose playoff streak still remains intact), and all things revolutionary.




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