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Cuban workers organizing in face of economic crisis and amerikkkan imperialism.

By Comrade Keirien, The Black Hammer Times Staff

The working people of Cuba, with the support of their government, are organizing to face the challenges from the global economic crisis and the punishing economic sanctions amerikkka has waged against them.

Workers are being mobilized to increase food production. The workers’ ability to do so is grounded in the Cuban revolution, a revolution that is still alive.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the “incapacity of the capitalist health system to effectively respond and safeguard people’s lives,” the Central Organization of Cuban Workers (CTC) said in a statement April 22. 

Under capitalist rule the bourgeoisie are prioritizing economic and financial measures without consideration for the worker.

Unions in Cuba offer their “militant solidarity with the struggles of union organizations in those countries,” to help provide health care, food and other necessities to the working class in face of imperialism and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuban workers at closed down workplaces are preparing 4,400 bags of food to deliver to those most in need. 

In exploitative capitalist countries like the united snakes, bosses are increasing the price of food to increase their surplus value in the face of food shortages.

They are also forcing farmers to dump milk or plow under fruits and vegetables they can’t package and sell profitably. 

“…dairy farmers dumped lakes of fresh cow’s milk (3.7m gallons a day in early April, now about 1.5 million per day), hog and chicken farmers aborted piglets and euthanized hens by the thousands, and crop growers plowed acres of vegetables into the ground as the nation’s brittle and anarchic food supply chain began to snap and crumble.”

In contrast, in Cuba the government is organizing to minimize food shortages for the working people.

This is only possible because working people of Cuba, led by Fidel Castro, overthrew the amerikkka-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959.

White power imperialism will continue to attack the working people of Cuba for this.

Fight u.s. imperialism!

End Capitalism!

Join Black Hammer!

Comrade Keirien represents and writes for the colonized Black people of the united states. You may find Keirien passionately tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs (whose playoff streak still remains intact), and all things revolutionary.


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