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I choose the Hammer: an open letter to Kevin Rashid Johnson

By Comrade B, Black Hammer Organization

Kevin Rashid Johnson has accused the Black Hammer Organization (BHO) of minority-nationality chauvinism.

He describes the experiences of Huey Newton in China; Mao did an incredible job of uniting the racial majority with the several racial minorities within China. Kevin then notes that the ruling classes throughout history have used brutal repression based on racial lines, since the beginning.

As a member of BHO, I have met more people from different nationalities than I have in most of my life. I have worked with comrades who represent a huge variety of nations and people.

The ancestry that we struggle to really know, tainted with the blood of our foremothers’ rapists. You think we don’t know the reality of the “whiteness” of our blood?

I have read up on my history, one which is hidden and bleached. The reality is that I have spaniard and italian blood, but I will never stop fighting for my true people, my beautiful Andean people to take back our self-determination and our land.

I will work every day to make sure that my people no longer starve and beg the tourists for business. I will fight to destroy this fascist colonial empire which is brainwashing my people into being nothing but commodities.

Afrikan, Indigenous, Asian, Colonized.

We may have fought each other in the past. We may have taken each other’s land, killed each other even. Now we all have one oppressor, one class of people which has its own contradictions, yet grows plump with power.

You can call me a racial chauvinist, but I have known that white settlers are not to be trusted since my childhood. My material conditions, my experiences, my practice and engagement, my political development always centered on one question: why does the white man have so much power?

In spaces absent of white colonizers, there is an atmosphere which you cannot deny. An atmosphere of love, community, freedom and control. I first noticed the difference at church, spanish-speaking migrants found community in a white majority state, I found refuge in fellow colonized children.

Going to a white school, learning about white people, white heroes, white values, white ideas, white teachers, yet some people have the audacity to claim that BHO is equal to this explicit racial chauvinism. That our “racism” is no different than white supremacy.

Without power, we are not free. Afrikan and Colonized people uniting to defeat our common oppressor, the state and the amerikkkans who get fat on the stolen wealth and resources of our people.

I repeat this one more time, our enemies are the amerikkkan state and the amerikkkan citizens that maintain the state. Above all else, the white settler has chosen to be overwhelmingly in favor of amerikkkan hegemony, rather than world communism.

You can claim to have found a settler who has grown a heart and turned away from their privilege, that is fine. What you will never do, is convince me that the majority of the settler population will choose afrikan and indigenous self-determination over their white comfort.

You remind us that all North America sees a higher status as a result of global imperialism. That revolutionaries in amerikkka also bathe in luxury stolen from Africa, forgetting that you and I are not here for the same reasons the white population settled here.

My white comrades came here because their ancestors wanted land, my parents came here because there were not enough resources in our homeland to sustain a family.

My parents came here because Peru is being robbed of its resources, poor euro migrants came here to take up all the free land fresh with the blood of the Indigenous American.

How vile to compare my ancestors who lost their land, dignity and life, to the white colonizers who have been put on top of the world. The class contradiction is bound to the colonial contradiction.

How vile to forget completely the history of afrikan enslavement and indigenous genocide. To erase the reality of migrants coming to the united snakes not for status, but as a result of european/amerikkkan looting in the global south.

I am not here in the power house of white supremacy for the same reason the white man is here.

Amerikkkan imperialism is white power, you say white power to white people.

Amerikkkan imperialism is genocide, I say fuck white people.

One thing that I have been taught by my Chiefs in Black Hammer is that we are not race scientists. You can call us racial nationalists, you can denounce us for “not understanding race,” but it shows me how little you understand these words and their material effect on our people.

Xing Eela acted like a crackkker, comparing BHO to the proud boys is something a crackkker would do. They can call themselves colonized, but their actions show me their intentions. A colonized individual who does the work of the settler is a white man to me.

You ask how racial divisions are drawn. My answer: Individuals know their ancestry. Too often did I consider a pale skinned comrade “too white to join”, and had BH leadership correct me.

You, Kevin, accuse my organization of not being able to correctly draw the line. Yet, the line has been drawn. If you side with the colonizer, you are a colonizer. If your ancestry came to steal land, you are a colonizer.

Colonizers who understand this, stand by BHO. They know their position in society allows them one method of aiding the revolution, providing material assistance and labor under the leadership of the colonized proletariat.

The United Panther Movement can play revolution all day long, but in the end, I chose Black Hammer over UPM because we are actually working towards revolution.

We are feeding people in multiple locations, with proper precautions to combat the current pandemic. We are providing people with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer etc. here in the imperial core and in Nigeria, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

All of these serve-the-people programs are partnered with political education, active recruitment and engagement with the communities that we are serving.

Commander-in-Chief Gazi dedicates their life to the revolution, and to the liberation of Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Watch their videos and you will see their room stays undecorated and empty. Look at their posts, full of love for our people. Listen to their rants, rightfully furious at the injustices of amerikkkan hegemony.

They do not speak for the white man, the colonizer, the settler. They speak of revolution. They work for decolonization and self-determination. Chief Gazi speaks for me.

I chose the Hammer, because when I criticized Chief Gazi, I was helped to understand our organization’s position. I have seen a lot of insults about BHO: cult, racists, antisemites, fake Marxists, reactionaries. Mind you, I looked all over for these supposed accusation and found none.

In the United Panther Collective and the Maoist For the People chapter in my city, I saw white leaders who were more concerned with losing their job than the revolution. In your organization I saw sluggishness, inability to accept criticism, lack of democratic centralism and no effort to struggle with comrades who disagreed. Perhaps focus on that.

I choose the BHO, because they have shown me the revolution. I choose the Hammer, because I saw real revolutionary criticism and self-criticism being practiced every day.

I choose the Hammer, because I finally feel united with my fellow proletariat. When UPM and FTP were focused on reading yet another piece by Lenin or Marx, BHO was planning our chapters PPE distribution.

I choose BHO over the Maoists and the Pantherists because Black Hammer has proven to me through action, praxis, criticism and political education that we are fighting for full liberation and not amerikkkan socialism. I choose Black Hammer, because our line proves to be correct everyday.



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