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Another miserably failed coup attempt in Venezuela

By Comrade Llabbe, The Black Hammer Times Staff

Aljazeera reports that “[Nicolas] Maduro holds the passports of two amerikkkan citizens”, Airan Berry and Luke Denman, two retired U.S. special operators, while the trump administration denies any involvement in the pitiful attempt to kidnap the President of Venezuela.

Analyzing the laundry list of regime change operations from 2002, 2017, 2019, and finally this videogame mission style coup earlier this week, it is clear that the united snakkkes of amerikkka has a crumbling influence in global affairs.

No longer able to convince the people with the moral superiority of colonial-capitalism as in the earlier years during the cold war after world war II, the U.S. seeks to use propaganda to simultaneously demean a country’s accomplishments, invisibilize the masses of people who support their leaders, and isolate a few individuals to paint as pure evil.

This all started when afro-indigenous leader, Hugo Chavez continued the revolutionary legacy of the African and Colonized proletariat towards socialism in 1999.

Since then, the u.s. Has done nothing but attack the country’s leader for not focusing on the bottom dollar for colonial-capitalists of the us and their neocolonial settler population within Venezuela.

All this while denying their involvement in regime change operations, and at the same time supporting their opposition leaders, such as nobody politician, Juan Guaido, to serve as neocolonial puppets for the u.s.a.

Colombia has also played as the u.s.’ neocolonial puppet, lending the failed kidnappers a port to leave from to go to Venezuela.

The colonial-capitalism media uses the devastating sanctions (essentially boycotts) on venezuela– which blocks most popular medical, food, and key construction commodities from being imported by the south american nation– to make accusations that the leadership is behind the material conditions.

The sanctions have left Venezuela few partners to trade with in order to help their citizens through generous allowances of basic needs and resources, which despite sanctions are able to be kept up.

Regardless, the poor infrastructure of the nation has left many Venezuelans to leave the country for neighboring Colombia. However due to the neocolonial puppet governement of Ivan Duque’s response to Covid-19, many Venezuelans are seeking to go back to their country as Venezuela’s response to the Coronavirus has been swift and effective.

Victory to the Maduro government!

Support the Bolivarian revolution!

Black Power!





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